Week In Pictures: Fall is Here!

We had a one of those weeks that started out super busy then had some last minute cancellations and then a toddler with a super sudden onset runny nose at midnight on Friday that derailed birthday party plans for Saturday and then possibly for Sunday. Although, I wonder if it’s irritation from his multiple face plants in the sand on Friday afternoon. He had this giant sneeze late Saturday morning and I swear to god a quarter cup of oddly colored snot came out and his nose hasn’t run since. You are so welcome for that visual. Moving on.

Halloweening it up!

Spencer requests a lot of robot drawings. Lightbulb head robots.

Within the toddler lies both cuteness and destruction.


Me: slowly cutting back the giant GIANT poppy plant, haircut, new camera strap


And an update on Project Get Rid Of It: recycled 6 pounds of paper, sold 1 dvd, packed up some quilting stuff and used up yarn on the wreaths above. Everything is shipping out on Tuesday along with the first donation drop off. And I will be dropping off 8 pregnancy/breastfeeding books to my former LC on Monday. Good times.

What did you do this week? Take some pictures with your phone? Link up with Amy!

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  1. love the robot drawings! boys are so funny.


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