Week In Pictures: Even More Pumpkins

I actually took pictures every day this week! Woot! Progress.


Fancy out-of-town farmer’s marker with grandma (fancy because they leave dirt on all of the procude and everything is charged by the pound. Who ever heard of a $3 cauliflower…) followed by a fun new park with spinners and squirrels! Then running amok in the backyard results in chalk-butt.


Only 2 pictures this day. Spencer is a guava fiend, luckily my inlaws have a tree. My pretty, pretty chicken.


Pumpkin patch day, bonus fun: ushered in festive sock season.


Waiting for the trash truck and them some bedtime shenanigans.


Getting ready for Halloween with Mr Potato Hat. I love this piece of Spencer’s school art, my favorite so far.


I’ve been waking up with crazy morning hair ever since my last hair cut added in so more layers. It is important to color with a bucket on one’s head. Swinging! Brown bear with the bears.


I asked him what he was doing as he scooted along with the books. Answer: skating.

Did you take phone pictures this week? Link up with Amy.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    It looks like a fun week! And duh, of course he’s skating. I mean OBVIOUSLY that’s what a 2 year old who has never been actual skating is doing.


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