Spencer’s First Preschool Conference

Last week, I went to my first parent-teacher conference. Even though I know it’s (pre) preschool and they probably only say negative things when there are behavioral issues, I spent the entire drive over thinking of defensive and sassy retorts if they said anything negative. I also made sure to wear waterproof mascara; I’m a stress crier.

I believe this was referred to as a "wreath." I say wreaths must have holes!

Thankfully, it went well. Spencer is playful and attentive. He has friends. There are two boys he regularly plays with and three girls he has tea parties with and cooks in the play kitchen. He hugs. His favorite inside toys are puzzles and the kitchen. His favorite outside toys are the tricycle, sand and swings. I believe the sentence “he’s a delight” was uttered, but I may have imagined it.

vaguely menacing placemat.

One of my favorite parts of school is Spencer’s art projects. He has tons of fun doing them and has such pride in them. I’ve tried to get him to do stuff with me at home, but he pretty much ends up wanting me to draw him a picture or glue things for him, so I think this is a step in the right direction. Or at least he can do stuff at school. Spencer points to his projects and calls them “my art.” I love it.

He likes to pat this one and say "aaaart."

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  1. Audrey says:

    Artwork is what makes moms able to transition into having a child in school I think. :D


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