WW: Mr Potatohead!

Spencer loved his costume so much so that after the initial fitting, we had to hide it and he still asked for it every day. Mr Potatohead is his absolute favorite toy and has a role in his favorite movies Toy Story 1 & 2 (No Thwee Mama!). We asked him over and over if he would rather be Woody or Buzz, but he declared his loyalty to the spud.

Until Halloween morning.

We went to the park and a little costumed group showed up to have lunch and there was a Woody. Of course. Spencer was so sad. I made a half-hearted pre-nap attempt to go to our two Targets, but there were no Woody costumes to be found. In fact, there was hardly anything to be found. One of the Targets was so far in to pulling down Halloween to make way for Christmas that the costumes were all thrown in one of those big stocking bins. At noon (!).

We went home empty-handed. After a (very late) nap, Spence was ready to costume up.

We never got him to say trick or treat during the whole trunk or treat party. He said thank you once and maybe a happy halloween. He did say hi to his teachers, so that is something. Crowds are one of the few times Spencer gets shy.

His favorite part? Bounce house.

Except for a trampoline over the summer, this was his first time in a bounce house. He loved it!

He bounced until the sun went down. We had to bribe him to come out.

Parents of the year! (Sidenote: blue cotton candy should be the alternate flavor, there should always be pink available, never blue only. Pink is better. And more traditional. Think of the children!)

Trick or treat! (In theory. He still didn’t say it.)

The costume came with both Mr & Mrs faces, which is awesome. I knew it had removable face parts when I ordered it, but didn’t realize it had two faces! He loves them both. And the removable face parts really sealed the deal and eliminated my non-homemade costume guilt. There is no way I could have made something that looked this good and had both faces for $25. Awesome.

Hope everyone had a great halloween! Link up your wordless wednesday below!

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33 Responses to “WW: Mr Potatohead!”

  1. Rebecca says:

    I love the little bowler hat!

    Great costume, too! Cutest tater I’ve ever seen!


  2. TMae says:

    I love all of these pictures!


  3. alicia says:

    Cute costume!! Happy WW! Thanks for linking up!


  4. Carolyn says:

    LOVE the costume!!!! Haven’t seen that one yet this year! ;)
    Happy W/W!


  5. That costume looks comfy too! My kids LOVE Mr. Potato head (thanks Toy Story)

    A bounce house? What a fun halloween!!


  6. So stinkin’ cute! I love his costume. :)


  7. That is an awesome costume! I think I may have to order it for next year. That it comes with two faces is just brilliant. So versatile! My son was dressed as Buzz Light Year this year. It was on sale for $20, from $35, but because it rang up at original price at the register at Toys R Us, they deducted $10. Got it for $11. Score!


  8. Cole says:

    Love the potato head costume! I like all 3 movies, though – in fact, I think 3 is my favorite… Mommy TOTALLY agrees about the cotton candy thing – since when did blue get to be the norm? She will SWEAR that the pink tastes better. Also, have you ever tried maple cotton candy? Oh my yum.


  9. Tricia says:

    Such a cute costume! Love the interchangeable faces!


  10. aquariann says:

    Cute costume choice – much better than Woody! ;D

    -:¦:- WW: Yellow Mums -:¦:-


  11. Honey Mommy says:

    What a cute Mr. Potato head! Looks like you guys had fun!

    Halloween was fun, but thank heavens it is done!


  12. Cedar says:

    Very cute! Crowds make me shy, too :) Glad he had a fun time!


  13. Elaine says:

    Oh my goodness, I love that it came with both faces – so fun! Looks like he had a great time!


  14. did the costume come with the hat? i love little boys in hats! adorable :)


    Amy Reply:

    It didn’t; I found the hat at Target. It’s an adult hat, but we stuffed it with some fabric.


  15. Merry120 says:

    Love the Mr. Potato Head costume. So cute! Evan was an alien from the Toy Story movie. It was his costume from last year b/c he loved it so much that he wouldn’t even discuss another one. Thankfully he’ll have outgrown it by next year.


  16. Julie says:

    Mr. Potato Head is too cute!


  17. That costume is so cute, and you kind of got 2 :)


  18. Brooke says:

    Oh man… If I’d known that was an actual costume available I probably would have gotten it too. My kidlet is OBSESSED with her ‘tato heads. Loves them. Every day “Mama play ‘tato head wif you.” :) Spencer is the cutest ‘tato head I’ve ever seen!


    Amy Reply:

    I ordered it from Amazon. There is also a screen printed version that is not nearly as cute, but comes with a green hat.


  19. veronica lee says:

    The costume is super cute!! Love the pics.

    Happy WW!


  20. I love the little mister potato hat..super cute!!


  21. kewkew says:

    Such a cute costume.


  22. Melissa says:

    That costume really is pretty awesome! He looks so cute in it! I feel ya on the non-homemade costume guilt. I really need to learn how to sew already.


  23. love that interchangeable costume – fabulous!!!!


  24. Sarah says:

    That is so neat. He looks so cute.


  25. Holly says:

    Fabulous costume. What a cutie.


  26. That is an absolutely fabulous costume!! Glad you guys had such a good time, despite the lack of “Trick or Treats!”


  27. Leah Baird says:

    So cute! This is very creative choice of costume.
    Check out my wordless Wednesday at knockoutsleepy.blogspot.com, you will see five of my nieces dressed up as the same thing. This year they were Peacocks but I only had a picture from last year.


  28. Carrie Raab says:

    Love your site! When I saw your title I couldn’t resist to add my 2 cents on lemons and how great and useful they are! Hope you enjoy why “When life gives you lemons, suck it”… the health benefits outweigh the difficulties :)
    Thanks for sharing your Wordless Wednesdays with us!


  29. Kim says:

    That is an awesome costume! JD is obsessed with the potato, too. We got the pumpkin decorating kit, and he stops to say hello & goodbye to “tato head” every time we come & go.


  30. […] Halloween, Spencer turned out to be a very lucky kiddo indeed. In 2011, He said he wanted to be Mr Potatohead starting in August and stuck to it. Same for last year and the robot. This year, he swore he wanted […]

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