Mini Yarn Wreath Madness

Wreath madness continued in December, but I branched out into mini wreaths.

Some were red:

My favorite from the trio (No clue why this photo turned this color)


Some were white:

Give peace a chance

And one was multicolored:

For the secret handmade exchange

Side view!

I would have more, but two of the wreath forms I ordered disappeared into the abyss that is the guest room. So, Spencer’s Toy Story wreath hasn’t happened. Yet. Maybe Micheal’s will get wreath forms back in stock.


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5 Responses to “Mini Yarn Wreath Madness”

  1. Suzanne says:

    The peace one is a SUPER cute idea! And I love the way the ribbon wrapped around the small wreath form. So crafty, so cute!


    Amy Reply:

    The peace sign one was for my mother-in-law. They have a super cute peace sign branch wreath, so I thought she might like this. I was pretty please I got the knotting right on the first try.


  2. Kat says:

    Super cute! What size form did you use?


    Amy Reply:

    They’re 6 inches.


  3. TMae says:

    My MIL would LOVE the Peace sign one. Maybe next year, when I’m not seething about her.

    I love the green and red one with the silver poinsettia! So cute!


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