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Photography has always been a part of my life. My mom was an avid photographer all through my childhood. I always loved going to pick up the pictures with her and we’d sit in the parking lot, open the envelope and flip through the pictures right away. There was something so fun about the suspense and waiting for film to be processed. At the same time, I love the immediacy of digital photography. I also love that the price of cameras have become so much more reasonable.

My first camera was used 110 film, later I had a Polaroid (because my uncle worked for them) and then finally, for my 16th birthday, I got a small 35 mm camera. It was a big deal for me at the time, cameras, even cheap point and shoots weren’t inexpensive. Plus, there was the expense of film and developing. Digital photography has really upped the quality and lowered the price and made photography accessible for a much larger range of prices. And photographs have become amazing, even in a point and shoot.

To illustrate this point, Olympus gave away 1000 new Olympus PENĀ® E-PM1 camera to people in 6 different cities. People then submitted their photos to penready.com. It is so much fun looking through the galleries.

Surprising people with a PEN camera

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