Review: Marzetti Simply Dressed Salad Dressing

I don’t do a lot of product reviews on this blog and when I do, you can be sure it is only for something I really liked. But I didn’t just like Marzetti Simply Dressed Salad Dressing, I loved it. I don’t buy a lot of bottled dressings because I can be pretty picky about them. I only have one or two that I really enjoy and I’m now adding Marzetti Simply Dressed Ginger Sesame to the (very short) list.

Seriously, what is not to love about a salad dressing that turns almost anything into a chinese chicken salad?  I suppose I should interject a bit here about how much I love chinese chicken salad and my husband does not. I’ve never been able to find a bottled dressing I liked enough to keep in the house, so I only got chinese chicken salad if we went out. This salad dressing is a truly game changer. My husband and I usually don’t use the same dressing at dinner and now I can have chinese yumtastic salad whenever I want.

It really is the perfect dressing for chicken salad for me: thick and not too sweet with just the right level of spicy ginger flavor. It is perfect even just for a salad of chicken and greens, but great with more stuff added too. I prefer spinach or romaine, or maybe a mixed baby greens with chicken in salad. The other night, on my own with the toddler for dinner, I threw together chicken, lettuce, jack cheese and pear and topped it with this dressing. I loved this combination and so did Spencer. He called it “spicy sauce” and loved dipping his chicken and pears in the dressing. He’s more of a deconstructed salad kind of guy.

Simply Dressed Ginger Sesame would be fabulous in dishes way beyond salad. I can see it as a marinade for baked/grilled/broiled chicken or fish, served alongside some steamed broccoli and brown rice. It would also make a great dipping sauce for steamed dumplings, spring rolls or even a veggie platter. I think paired with broccoli, bell peppers, celery and jicama, it would make a fun replacement for the much more ordinary carrots and ranch combo.

I did have some trouble finding the Simply Dressed salad dressing at first, but luckily Marzetti provides a handy dandy store finder on their website. I think it was mostly because I haven’t been shopping at standard grocery stores as much and shop at a lot of places that carry primarily their own brands, but did I end up finding it at my local Albertson’s, which isn’t too far from my house, but it is available at lots of different stores. Check the website to find the store closest to you.

I loved the Ginger Sesame dressing and can’t wait to try the other great flavors like Pomegranate, Strawberry Poppyseed or Blue Cheese. I think I’ll get Blue Cheese next, then my husband and I can share dressing for a little while.

I was one of the bloggers selected by T. Marzetti Company and Clever Girls Collective to host a Marzetti Simply Dressed review. They provided me with product to test myself and compensation for my time. However, my opinions are entirely my own.




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  1. Grammar nazi says:

    Really? I thought the Marzetti Lemon Balsamic dressing tasted like was made with that god-awful Realemon Lemon concentrate that some call lemon juice. TERRIBLE!! Now, I really love the Marzetti Cherry Balsamic, but I poured the rest of the lemon stuff down the drain after the first use.


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