Spence Day

I’ve discussed this in the past, but it bares repeating for my fives of new readers. Spencer was named after a boat, a destroyer, in fact. The USS Spence went down on December 18th, 1944 in a typhoon. My husband’s grandfather was serving on board and was not one of the 24 survivors. Twenty four. Out of over 300. And that is just that ship. Two more went down in the storm.

Every year we try and mark the day with something special, normally near the ocean. Today, we went down to the pier, walked to the end and stopped by to visit my dad’s memorial bench. It turned out to be windy and cold, but it is December. I’m not sure what we expected. It wasn’t too crowded, but a lot of people were still fishing. I have this irrational (but plausible) fear of being hooked in the face by someone fishing on the pier, so I was on high alert. We let Spencer run a bit, but mostly he stayed by us, which is awesome because it means he’s getting a little better. I thought I’d share some pictures from the outing.

Hold on tight!

Hard to see, but tons of surfers were out.


Spence said this was his favorite picture.

My dad's bench.

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4 Responses to “Spence Day”

  1. Audrey says:

    That’s very sweet! And an awesome story for him to tell one day about his name. :) (ps. when I was in 8th grade the honor roll students got to take a week off school and go to a camp retreat with minimal homework – where a boy got hooked in the jugular with a fishing hook. 8| )


  2. TMae says:

    I have that same fear, and it drives me crazy to go down to the river and find half a dozen guys fishing and not paying ANY attention to the toddler running around. I try to keep him a safe distance, but…you know, it’s a public space, and, well, he’s a toddler.

    I love how you mark this day. Such a great tradition to grow up with.


  3. Suzanne says:

    Not even KIND OF an irrational fear – my dad did it to his brother as kids, right through his cheek, and my brother did it to my cousin in the arm when we were kids. I HATE being around people who cast while fishing.

    I love that you do something special for Spence(r) day. And it’s cool your dad has a bench to visit – that’s a neat way to memorialize someone.


    Amy Reply:

    I guess it is slightly irrational because the whole time we were on the pier, out of about 30 people fishing, one person cast once. Yet, I am on high alert, constantly scanning the entire time. I’m so glad we got the bench. We should get my mom a bench, too bad my dad already has a neighbor, Larkin.


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