Wordless Wednesday: New Lens & Disco Tree

After much hemming and hawing, we finally decided to get a tree this year. I wanted a narrow tree becauase we’re having a party the day after Christmas and don’t want to fill up half of our small living room with a tree, but skinny trees are so hard to find in tree lots. Target had the perfect tree – a ridiculous apple green tinsel tree. If I’m going fake, I’m going all the way. And, I finally opened my new lens (50 mm 1.8) which isn’t fancy, but is certainly a step up from the kit lens I’m still using 8 months after getting my camera.

Tonight we decorated. I’m waiting for a full tree reveal until we get a topper and a skirt. The tree is so, so shiny, we decided to skip the lights. Seriously, you almost can’t tell. I love my disco tree.

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13 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: New Lens & Disco Tree”

  1. Can’t wait to see the disco tree :)


  2. kewkew says:

    That is a great shot and quite the teaser. Looking forward to seeing the entire tree. Can’t blame you for wanting to share the full effect.


  3. Sarah says:

    I love this shot! I can’t wait to see the whole tree and yay for your new lens. That is my favorite.


  4. Can’t wait to see the entire thing! I bet your little guy LOVES the tree :)


  5. You got a nifty fifty? Yay! I love my 50mm! :)


  6. sarah says:

    Love this shot.


  7. Lolo says:

    So excited to see the Disco tree!


  8. congrats on the 50mm! you’ll love it :)


  9. Disco tree!! Oh I can’t wait! Hugs


  10. Mallory says:

    I just got the same lens. Although I haven’t been able to get my daughter to stay still long enough to get a shot like this.


  11. Honey Mommy says:

    Hooray for Christmas trees!

    I love my 50 mm lens. I wish I had a 50 mm 1.4, but it is SO spendy. Maybe someday.


  12. Erica says:

    Great photo! I love my 50mm 1.8 :)


  13. I just discovered your blog from the link up on and then, she snapped. I’m excited to follow you, if only to see the big Christmas tree reveal!


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