All I Can Think About is TWINS!?!

I’ve had plenty of time to adjust to the idea of twins, but crazy things pop in my head all the time. I am thinking about things much more obsessively than I did when I thought this was just a singleton pregnancy. I’m still getting used to the idea of having them in my belly instead of it. I thought I’d bullet point out my thoughts and then people can tell me I’m crazy or weird or be helpful and point me in the direction of more information on things. Pointing welcome.

  • Twin pregnancy is going to be way more expensive. I was still working when I had Spencer and my insurance was amazing. I paid for nothing. Well, I paid a single $200 copay for an amniocentesis. That’s it. Out of my entire hospital stay, pregnancy, delivery and his first few months where we went to the doctor near weekly. Now, my husband’s insurance is the primary and I am positive this pregnancy/delivery is going to end of costing significantly more. And then after delivery, we pay per person on the insurance. Yikes.
  • I want to breastfeed the twins as much as possible. I had significant low supply issues with Spencer that were exacerbated by some mistakes early on. I plan on pumping from the beginning and nursing all the time, but I will force myself to be pragmatic and not be heartbroken if I am unable to exclusively breastfeed. Some is much, much better than none.
  • Cloth diapers. I’m thinking this might be the way to go. Maybe prefolds/flats and covers. I waited with Spencer until he was big enough to fit in the 12 pound and up diapers, so I have no newborn sized things already. I should be able to fix most of my diapers (I hope) to make the pocket diapers I have usable. Except for the ones where the elastic failed in the legs.
  • I really want to try for a vaginal delivery of twins. I don’t think the rate is fantastic at my hospital, but it is worth pushing for. If one looks to be breech or poorly positioned, I may opt for a c-section. What I really, really don’t want is vaginal delivery of one and a c-section for the second. If I have to get a c-section, why do all the work for a vaginal delivery too? Seems like the worst of both worlds.
  • I am finally getting a belly. I wasn’t really showing much before 16 weeks, but, I swear, the minute we found out it was twins, kapow!, out came the belly. I’m still in my regular clothes for now, but that mostly just goes to show how ill-fitting my clothes are. I am a little worried about being able to find shirts that are long enough. I remember that being a problem in the last few weeks of my pregnancy last time. On the bright side, I’m not working this time. I might just do tunic/sundresses plus leggings and cardigans for Spring.
  • Our house layout is stressing me out. We live in a two-story house with two bedrooms upstairs (currently master + Spencer) with a bathroom of the hall between them. It’s worked out great because we just gated the top of the stairs and Spencer could come into our room when he work up. He was never locked or gated in his room. But, the rooms are small (house was built in the 50s) and I worry about putting Spencer in a room with two babies, There might be enough room in the master bedroom for a shared crib in the beginning, but after that… We could move Spencer downstairs, but then we’d need to gate him in his room. I don’t want him waking up and having the run of the house. 3 seems a little young for that. I kind of just want to move.

If you made it thorough all the words, you get a picture!

At least his favorite matching/memory game is getting him used to the concept of TWINS!?!


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11 Responses to “All I Can Think About is TWINS!?!”

  1. Audrey says:

    Wait, what, huh? I must have missed some major announcement. WHEN DID YOU POST THAT YOU WERE PREGNANT? AND WITH TWINS!!!! Wow. Congratulations!! And WHEW! Obsess about it while you still have the luxury, lady. EEEE!


    Amy Reply:

    I only announced last week, both pregnancy and twins. You haven’t been missing out.


  2. Heather says:

    Cost of twin pregnancy is higher than a singleton (I assume…I had twins first). However, you should be able to write off out of pocket expenses at tax time (total has to be a certain % of your household income). Be prepared, there will be lots of ultrasounds and non-stress tests at the end.
    I tried breast feeding and made it 3 months. I wanted to go longer but it didn’t work out. In hindsight, I wish I would have been more committed to it but they did get some breast milk which is better than not at all IMO.
    I can’t do cloth diapers, I just can’t so I started collecting coupons and buying diapers from the beginning.
    I insisted on a vaginal delivery but ended with a c-section after 14 hours of labor (both girls were trying to come out at the same time). I often wonder if I had gone straight c-section if they would have not had to go to the NICU.


    Amy Reply:

    That is a really good point. I will focus on the write offs when I start freaking out. I worry so much about going through labor and then getting a c-section anyways. It seems silly to worry about it know, but I really can’t stop.


  3. Suz says:

    I know Dr Luke’s book talks a lot in maybe ch 7 or 8 about delivering twins. I skipped the twins & just read the triplets {aka C-section} part but I know they said vag delivery for twins could happen if they were positioned the right way.

    I can’t say much for cost. I know with my ins we pay $35/appt & that’s supposed to go to the total delivery fee.

    As for cloth diapering, that’s our plan. If you don’t read, Jenny is a friend of mine with triplets & she’s cloth diapered & breast fed them the whole time. She’s done a couple posts on CDing multiples & the sweet friend that she is has passed me down her newborn & size one prefolds. I’m working on collecting covers for now & so thankful for that Haute Green BlogHer party for the rest of my CD stash.

    Jenny has also done some breastfeeding posts. I know she’s renting the Symphony Medela pump from the hospital & has from the beginning. I was actually at a local baby store yesterday looking at pumps & their accessories & ended up chatting with a latation consultant from Duke {I’m delivering at UNC}. She said for multiples to get the best results, to plan to rent the symphony pump from the hosp for at least a month or two. Then you should have supply built up enough to go with a freestyle or pump-in-style that’s not quite as bulky. I know my MFM has said I’d meet with a LC before the trips arrive & then have them available to me while in the hosp & while the trips are in the NICU.

    As for clothes, I’ve been in maternity pants since 10 weeks. Just this past week {17}, I’ve been transitioning to maternity tops. I’m long waisted but have found that getting maternity tops a size up & the ones with the gathers on the side seem to be long & big enough to last a while. I already has found that the maternity pants without the panel are becoming uncomfortable. I rock tunics & leggings a lot too.

    Sorry for the longest comment EVER! Email me whenever if you want!


    Amy Reply:

    I’m a crazy person who never wore maternity pants my entire last pregnancy. I’m just worried I am already too fat to size up. The Target stuff runs so small. I was reading the Luke book about deliveries yesterday, that’s what got me thinking about things. I don’t love that it is so wait and see. I want to decide things NOW!


  4. Suzanne says:

    You definitely need to move. To Connecticut. Ok probably not but I would probably start househunting with purpose if I were you.

    As much as I LOATH The Bump message boards, I think checking out the multiples boards for vaginal twin birth stories might be helpful. I can’t think of anywhere else you might find a bunch of anecdotes all together – I think everyone I know had a c-section.


    Amy Reply:

    I’m a little shocked about the Bump suggestion. You are probably right, but I’ll need to cuddle up with a cup of tea and my blankie before venturing into the abyss.


  5. Mama Durso says:

    Just a little comment, since I’ve never had twins: if one is delivered vaginally and the other is by c-section, then both babies get the benefit of labor, which does a lot for their little bodies. :) Also? A friend of mine gave birth to her twins vaginally the first was head down and the second was breech, so it is possible!


  6. Andie says:

    I’m both excited and scared for you. Twin pregnancies are a journey. But you can get through all of those things.
    I had a few times where I just stopped in my tracks and cried. As well as times I felt like a lottery winner.
    The first thing I said to the ultrasound tech when she confirmed I was having twins? We’re going to need a bigger house. It took us three more yrs and the birth of #4 to get there. We lived in a two bd house with three kids for three yrs.
    Yes the more rest you get the longer (typically) your babies will stay in, and the healthier they will be on their way out. My twins were 37 weekers and 6.10 each.
    C-sections are not mandatory. Mine were born vag. just 90 seconds apart. Start grilling your dr about your intentions and don’t be afraid to change if you so desire.
    And breastfeeding is a challenge as well as a full time job. But entirely possible. I nursed my twins for two years. With a little formula along the way.
    I strongly recommend finding your local twins club. Could not have lived w/o mine. Even if just for the bags of hand me downs.
    emal me for anything, venting, metdowns, or questions, I don’t have all the answers but I’m happy to listen and help you find them.


  7. You don’t sound crazy to me. My MIL said her Mothers of Multiples group was a life saver for her ( I recommend finding a group near you.

    Vaginal birth is very doable. My MIL delivered both twins vaginally even though the second (my husband) was a footling breech. You will need a Dr who doesnt scare easily. Typically Drs dont vaginally one and then c-section the other. They either call it a c-section before pushing or deliver according to plan (like with the second baby being footling breech). In those situations typically they dont have the time to switch to c-section.

    Many women successfully breastfeed too. If not you can supplement. Remember you body is growing two which takes twice the hormones. It will provide you with twice the hormones for milk production too.

    I think spencer will do fine downstairs after the babies move out of your room. He is getting to be a big kid. Gate the door and consider giving him a walkie talky to communicate with you. If you feel like he would abuse it (and wake you all the time in the middle of the night) I suggest a monitor that allows you to hear him (or mute him) and you to talk/reassure him through the handset.


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