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Spencer is in the throes of a super imagination phase and I couldn’t be more pleased. My husband is normally in charge of bath time, but was sidelined this last week due to a back injury. It was so much fun to see the ways Spencer has grown in imaginative play, for some reason this seems to come out during playtime in the bath.

We had tea parties and coffee parties and I taught how to make coffee just the way I like it with “little bit milk.” He uses an old soap bottle to pour drinks into his rinse cup and then distibutes them. He also makes joke drinks, pouring water over his bath monkey (that funky monkey) into a cup and offering me monkey juice. The only accecptble response is “eeew yuckers” and making a face.

It really is the highlight of bathtime which, if I am being completely honest, I don’t love. I like the play, don’t mind the soaping and rinsing, but hate the way the noise echos in the tile wall bathroom, arguing when it is time to rinse and toothbrushing. Oh how I disike toothbrushing. It is the epicenter of the “I do it myself” toddler battles. But most of all, I miss the 30 minute break before gearing up for Spencer’s long, drawn out and exhausting bedtime.

And since the news of the TWINS!?!, I’ve been freaking out a bit that I won’t get that break anymore. We won’t have time for Spencer’s epic baths and endless bedtime. Some nights the whole thing starts at 7:30 and ends at 10:30. Not quite sure how that is going to work with newborn twins in the house. I’m the only one Spencer lets put him to bed, that is going to have to change. Any suggestions on adjusting a very set in his ways toddler to a routine without resentment would be welcome.

We’re having the first test of a non-mama bedtime (at home) when I go to BlissDom in February. That’s also news. Yay! I finally decided to go. I figure with the new babies, I probably won’t have another chance to hit a blogging conference for awhile. Are you going? Let me know.

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2 Responses to “Imagine That”

  1. Kim says:

    I love the imaginative play! Monkey Juice! haha
    Unfortunately I have no advice. I have an epic battle with JD every nap/bedtime, but he goes down super easy for EVERYONE else. It’s not fair! I’ve actually contemplated paying the babysitter to stop by every once in a while just to put him to bed. Uggg


  2. TMae says:

    I think you should leave the house and let Dad do bedtime a few nights a week. I’ve got to get better about that here in this house. I’m the default bedtimer. Which is bad for my emotional health. I’m always STUNNED when his dad puts him to bed easy peasy. Well, stunned and a little resentful. But we’ll stick with stunned.

    I love listening to O having conversations with himself. It’s really amazing to hear their minds working.


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