P366: Week in Photos Jan 15th – Jan 21st

Mellow week here. Hubs had most of the week off recuperating from an injury, so we were mostly home bound. Then we wrapped things up with Spencer getting a cold. This does not make for an exciting set of pictures. At least Spence is still cute.

Sunday January 15th

Tee ball! Tee Ball!

Monday January 16th

Doughnut Hole

Tuesday January 17th

Toddler has a new chore - making salad.

Wednesday January 18th

We call this the Spencer tree because it is just his size.

Thursday January 19th

Playing dress-up at school - super suave business man.

Friday Janaury 20th

Peg Leg Jessie has been repaired.

Saturday January 21st

Toddler with a cold gets extra Angry Birds time.

That’s our week! Linking up with Amy as per usual.

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3 Responses to “P366: Week in Photos Jan 15th – Jan 21st”

  1. Rebecca says:


    I think Spencer grew.

    What the heck?


  2. Amanda says:

    Our Jessie doll lost her boot. Fe times too. The first time we thought the dog ate it. Nope.


  3. Kimberly says:

    Your blog is already so filled with cute- I CAN’T IMAGINE what twins is going to do to it :)


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