A little twinformation

I’ve been trying to update properly on the whole twin pregnancy thing, but we keep getting different information or new surprises at every appointment and then by the time I process that information something else changes and I can’t keep up. I’m frustrated and confused and still trying to find a doctor that is a good fit and they very best medical care for me and my babies. So, here is what I know for now.

I’m pregnant with identical twin girls.

What’s that? A little confused? Don’t worry, I am too. I had been told they were fraternal. Seems like there was a little ultrasound miscommunication.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 11 weeks: ultrasound in the ER – one baby
  • 12 weeks: no heartbeat via Doppler, no ultrasound
  • 16 weeks +1: no heartbeat via Doppler, ultrasound reveals twins
  • 16 weeks +3: formal ultrasound, tech verbally states: 2 placentas, membrane, probably fraternal
  • 19 weeks: heartbeats via Doppler, no ultrasound, inconclusive AFP/Quad screen, given high risk referral for ultrasound/amnio
  • 20 weeks: high risk ultrasound shows one placenta, identical twins and girls

The high risk OB also stated that I might be showing signs of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), which I don’t recommending googling. It’s pretty scary shit. Needless to say, I spent a few days freaking out. I had my formal ultrasound reviewed and apparently that report states 1 placenta. But, both my husband and i clearly remember her stating 2. My doctor asked my the results, so I said two, but this must mean she never actually read the report??? I’m changing doctors. Obviously.

I’m choosing not to worry about the TTTS yet. This may be naive, but I don’t actually know anything more yet. I am clinging to the hope that the high risk OB wouldn’t have blithely sent me out the door with simply a two week follow-up if something was seriously wrong. He did raise an eyebrow that I was seeing a resident, but that is changing.

I’m working on getting an appointment with the OB I originally saw with Spencer for further evaluation. So. Now we wait. Again. To find out what other crazy news I can find out at my next appointment.

And for those wondering why the one vs. two placenta distinction is important, one placenta is always identical twins, while identical twins can also have two and fraternal twins can only have two. Identical twins are considered slightly higher risk and can have some identical only complications, like TTTS. There are also two types of identical twins and it has to do with a membrane and I am pretty sure both ultrasounds showed a membrane, but I am at the “trust no one” state of this pregnancy.

Spencer seems a little disappointed about sisters, but he is coming around. And he is very excited about babies. We’ve been showing him old pregnancy and newborn photos to get him used to the idea. He is enthralled.

I’ll keep you posted.

Updated: I have an appointment on Monday for a second opinion. Yay! That was not an easy appointment to get.




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12 Responses to “A little twinformation”

  1. Suz says:

    Keeping you & those baby girls in my thoughts & prayers. Hope you get solid answers soon!


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks, me too!


  2. Audrey says:

    Whew! Already keeping you busy and they aren’t even born yet. I’ll be thinking about you guys and hoping for the best!


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks so much!


  3. Suzanne says:

    I don’t know if I handle waiting until Monday and this ISN’T EVEN ABOUT ME. I think assuming the doctor wouldn’t just send you out the door if things are really wrong is a good, reasonable assumption. Keep us updated!!


    Amy Reply:

    Oh don’t worry. You will be suffering the wait until monday right along with me.


  4. OttosMom says:

    *hug* i can only imagine how you must feel. i hope you get your answers soon and i’m sending so much love and positive energy for your sweet girls (girls! yay girls!). hopefully the answers come soon and ease your worries and come from a doctor you trust. xoxo


  5. Jen says:

    as if being pregnant with two is stressful and intriguing enough you’re being thrown around and confused. sucky, suck, suck, suck it to those doctors. good luck with your appointment on monday. BUT! YAY for two girls! spencer will come around. they always do. he will be an excellent big brother, obviously. and you’ll have an extra set of hands, though small, during the days and that can’t be all bad. :)


  6. alana says:

    Hope you get the answers you need and some relief from the worry!
    And no more googling!!


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  8. I can only imagine how frustrating this is for you!! I hope that you don’t have TTTS and I think your outlook on it is very positive. Congrats on your little girls. Praying for your pregnancy to remain healthy.


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