Breakfast with Spencer: A Short Play

Scene {kitchen}
Spencer: What’s dat, mama?
Me: It’s a bagel. I’m going to toast it and put cream cheese on it. Do you want one?
Spencer: No, just help you.
Me: I’m putting it in the toaster, it’s too far back for you to help, but you can help me put cream cheese on it. Do you want one?
{toaster reads 3 min left}
Spencer: No. Just help you. Done now?
Me: No, when it says 0:00
{gets out cream cheese, toaster reads 2 min left}
Spencer: What’s that? Done now?
Me: Almost. It will beep.
{toaster beeps and blinks 0:00}
Spencer: Done NOW!
{puts bagel on plate}
Me: Ok. Hold my hand and help me spread it. Do you want one?
Spencer: Spread it, OK!
Me: Ok. Do you want half? I can cut it.
Spencer: No. Just help you eat it.
{grabs full half a bagel, licks it makes a face}
Spencer: Yuckers.
{drops on floor, cream cheese side down. Of course.}



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3 Responses to “Breakfast with Spencer: A Short Play”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Such a good helper. Snort.


  2. And I said, “What about breakfast with Spencer?”

    You said, “I think I remember that bagel. Yes, I recall, I think, of course he dropped it.”

    And I said, “Well, there’s at least another side?!”



  3. mallory says:

    Oh the joys of having a small child as a helper.


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