Going Forward

We are repairing and rebuilding. I appreciate everyone’s kind words and thoughts. I have no plans to ever discuss details of what happened in this space. The internet never forgets and Spencer never needs to know.  Honestly, I hope I block most of it out. Some details are still there and some are already getting fuzzier.

Physically, I am much improved. Apparently I had massive blood loss, received a transfusion and my hemoglobin is on the way up (YAY!) They used those pneumatic cuffs to prevent DVT after surgery, but it looks like I have some issues with my superficial (i.e. minor) leg vein and ended up in the ER this morning. My mom had some pulmonary embolism issues, so better safe than sorry, but everything checked out ok.

I plan on just moving forward with regular content. Week in pictures will be up tomorrow. I may dwell here or there and I have a few choice things I would like to say to fate/the universe/someone but perhaps those things are best left private.

Thanks again for the understanding, sympathy and kind, kind words.


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6 Responses to “Going Forward”

  1. Suzanne says:

    I think remembering that the internet never forgets is such a mature move. It is something I often forget myself. You know you can always talk to me at any time ever – or not, and I will understand that too. xoxo


  2. alana says:

    you never owe anyone an explanation. never feel like you do.
    you are right in thinking the internet never forgets and thinking of spencer is the best thing you can do.
    take care of yourself and i am glad your sister is there for you!


  3. Guiltysquid says:

    Been thinking of you. Do what feels right for you and know we are all here for you, no matter what.


  4. Kimberly says:

    sending you big, big hugs


  5. Karianna says:

    (((HUGS))) to you.


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