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Remember my other blog? I barely do. I have trouble keeping up with the food blog. Soup or salad is a pretty tight restriction and also, I don’t like making step by step photo tutorials, which seems to be what everyone is looking for these days. I do enjoy photographing the final product, but it gets dicey since I mostly cook complicated things for dinner and right now it normally is dusk/dark when food gets on the table and that doesn’t make for the best photographs. Sure, you can see what the food looks like, but they’re never going to land me on foodgawker.

I also don’t really love measuring, which can cause a problem when trying to write out a recipe. When I start out with the intention to blog something, I’m in the clear because I keep track, but what happens when I realize something is really delicious after the fact? Then I have to wait until I feel like making it again to blog it. No fun.

So. What to do?

I decided that maybe I would try out a new feature, Last Week in the Kitchen, as a round up of new techniques I tried, wines or food products we liked or a recipe that doesn’t quite need a whole post. I feel like I do a bunch of fun things that aren’t quite stand alone blog-worthy, but maybe combining tidbits would be fun. Or maybe not. Let me know.

Cast Iron Pizza Pan Quesadillas

We don’t have a cast iron skillet. This always surprises me because we have a lot of cast iron. The credit for the idea entirely goes to my husband. I was telling him when I was going to start dinner (when the cast iron pizza pan I heat dried on the stove got cool enough to move) and he uttered a sentence that revolutionized our quesadilla future: why don’t you just cook them on the pizza pan? GENIUS.

Pizza Pan Quesadillas

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To make 3 (because that is what fits on my pan at once, 4 might squeeze on)

  • half a small block of mild cheddar (or jack/colby/whatever), grated
  • 6 corn tortillas
  • 1 cast iron pizza pan
  • Gas stove
  1. Preheat pizza pan over high heat for 5 minutes. Pan should be hot.
  2. Put three tortillas on pan and turn down heat to med-high, cook for about 2 minutes.
  3. Flip and add cheese.
  4. When cheese has mostly melted, top with remaining tortillas and flip so new tortilla is touching the pan
  5. Cook until desired crispiness. (Which can vary. A lot. I like mine crunchy with no brown spots. My husband likes his lightly speckled with brown.)
  6. Enjoy with salsa or guacamole, if desired.


I have no qualifications to be talking about wine. I did go to a college with a world renowned viticulture program and was friends with loads of wine snobs, but never really turned into a wine-expert-by-association. That said, this wines was super yummy. I highly recommend it and it can easily be found at BevMo. We paired it with bison steak, great well rounded red.

found object carmenere 2009


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7 Responses to “Last Week in the Kitchen”

  1. Suzanne says:

    I’m afraid of cast iron, so all I have is one little cast iron dutch oven – which I use a TON and LOVE and I will CRY if it ever gets ruined. So maybe I should invest in more.


  2. Amanda says:

    My cast iron selection is limited to a giant grill pan and a set of mini grill pans. You know the kind that get brought to your table sizzling with fajita filling. I have no idea why we bought them. Anyways I am waiting for next weeks post!


  3. Des says:

    For bonus yummy/fatty points, butter the outside of the tortillas and sprinkle parmesan cheese on each side before grilling.


    Amy Reply:

    Sounds delicious!


  4. Rebecca says:

    I am the same way with food posts – I don’t measure, we eat in the dark and my step by step photos look like crap.

    But I love to cook! And I think I’m pretty good at it. I’m no P.Dub but I do ok.

    Also I don’t own a single cast iron anything. Cast iron scares the crap out of me with the seasoning and all the stuff you have to do to it.

    I like the tidbits post idea! :)


    Amy Reply:

    You can buy preseasoned now – Lodge, especially. Much less scary. I just wash with soap and water or just hot, hot water and then heat dry on the stove. I think I might need to do a whole cast iron post. It isn’t scary at all!


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