12 in 2012 Redux

I wrote a 12 in 2012 post and my goals were lofty. In fact, they were so lofty that I don’t even remember what they are, but since I used that post to announce the pregnancy, I don’t really want to look at it or link it ever again. Plus, I’m so scattered that I think I need smaller goals.

Of the things I remember, there were: read a book a month that I already own, refi the house, deal with banking stuff, get rid if crap from my parent’s house, reorganize the kitchen and I just don’t know.If I can’t even remember them, then maybe they weren’t so important after all. I’ve been thinking that maybe instead I need to try and accomplish 12 things per month, these can be things mundane (get taxes done) but not usual (pay mortgage/bills/do laundry).

I’ve also become recently obsessed with the William Morris Project over at Pancakes and Frenchfries {in a nutshell: have nothing in your home that isn’t useful or beautiful}, but I lack the commitment to fully embrace it.  I do, however, love the idea of small, achievable tasks. That is what I am going to attempt for the rest of the year.

I’m also working on a list of beauty/cosmetic things I’ve never done/learned and would maybe like to try. For instance, I’ve never had my eyebrows done, never had salon color, would love to learn liquid eyeliner. These sorts of things may be popping up on future lists. Maybe even a mani/pedi!

12 things per month. I hope I can handle it.

Here are my 12 for March (since the month is part over, I included some of the tasks I accomplished last week during my sister’s ORGANIZE ALL THE THINGS whirlwind visit last week):

  1. Organize the playroom and make it more functional for storage and play.
  2. Finish the Marco Pierre White biography so it isn’t sitting in my kindle app 2/3s read for another two months. (I like it, but I don’t looove it. I don’t normally finish books I don’t like)
  3. Clean the pile of mystery in the corner of my bedroom. {I did this one. Spoiler alert: there was blogher swag in there}
  4. Find and start using a free calorie/weight loss/fitness app. Suggestions welcome in the comments.
  5. Find a decent shade of daytime lipstick, preferably red. (Been looking for this for a year)
  6. Get taxes done.
  7. Get refi paperwork done.
  8. Organize the cupboard with Spencer’s cups/plates and the good storage containers.
  9. Change over our bed to the sheets/comforter I bought 6 months ago and just haven’t washed.
  10. Get the crib out of Spencer’s room and into the trailer/garage attic/storage.
  11. Delete/sort the photos on my desktop. (Screen grabs/downloads/the misc ones)
  12. Clean the refrigerator shelves. (Do people do this monthly or whatever? I’m gross. I think it’s been a year at least so this is a one-time-only counts for the list motivational item.)

And because I am so excited, I will share the results of five early. I’ve been looking for a decent lip color for years, YEARS, and I finally (think) I found one.

Outlast Lipstain 415

And since we’re looking at my photo. Thinking about dying my hair again because the auburn didn’t really turn out and is practically gone already. Maybe black? More red? That pretty chestnut brown that celebrities always seem to have, but doesn’t exist in box dye?


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11 Responses to “12 in 2012 Redux”

  1. #4 myfitnesspal / app – ease into c25k
    #5 I need more specifics! Bright red? Blue red? Orange red? Matte/gloss/stain? AHHH!

    OMG you’ve never had a mani/pedi or brows done?

    My advice? DO NOT DO IT AT THE MALL! Check out Yelp for reviews. For brows, get it done at someone WHO DOES BROWS and for nails, go to a good clean nail salon! Yelp will be your uber best friend to find awesome places to go to.


    Amy Reply:

    I’ve looked at c25k, but have no desire to run or a treadmill. Does it have an elliptical option?


  2. Rachel says:

    That lip stain looks good on you! I bought a maybelline lip stain a few weeks ago and it is just really really dry/ hard to put on. Is this one better?


    Amy Reply:

    I like this one a lot and have it in a few pinker shades. It goes on like a marker and doesn’t come with a gloss. I use stain + my regular lip balm and it lasts about 3 hours.


  3. I agree about the lip stain! I tend to use chapstick or lip gloss, so I could probably stand to follow your lead on that.

    For the online/phone app, I’ve used MyFitnessPal before and liked it pretty well, and I also just signed up for Spark People (jury’s still out on that one).


    Amy Reply:

    I used spark people to lose 30 pounds last week. I like the site and the community, but I didn’t like the mobile app and want to try something more simple this time.


  4. TMae says:

    I have My Fitness Pal and Spark People on my phone and they both annoyed me for different reasons. If you find one, I’d love to hear it.

    I love that picture of you.


  5. Rebecca says:

    First – that is a great picture of you! And I really like the lip stain. Very nice colour for you. :)


    4. Have you checked out Livestrong? I don’t know if they have an app – I’d imagine they do but, alas, I am smartphoneless.

    12. I, too, am gross. Not quite as gross as you though. I’d say I wipe up spills and such on a monthlyish basis and do a full out pull everything out, toss old shit, clean everything about 3 times a year.

    Also you need to get on these beauty nevers!!

    I started seeing a pro colourist and stylist about 8 years ago and I will never go back to a box again. My guy is not cheap but I have been infatuated with my hair for the last 8 years. Even if it’s not something you want to keep up, every woman should have at least one AMAZING, stupid expensive hair cut/color in their life.

    As for brows – look into threading. I used to wax but since having my brows threaded, I won’t go back to waxing. Threading is usually cheaper, faster and much more hygienic than waxing. Plus you can’t have a bad reaction or a burn from threading like you can with waxing.

    Lastly I LURVE a good pedicure, you need to get on that STAT!


    Amy Reply:

    I empty the fridge and wipe up spills, I just haven’t pulled out all the shelves and cleaned them, but still gross. I was going to look in to threading for sure, I have mixed reactions to even home wax and am allergic to most hair removal creams, so I’ve always been afraid I would be red browed for a week.


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