Announing the Easter Fashion Flashback

Suzanne @ Bebehblog and I had such a fun time doing the Vintage Halloween Hop last fall, that we decided to do it again for Easter.

Easter 1980

We always had super classy egg hunts. My parents hid so many eggs, we had to use paper bags instead of baskets to collect them. Also? How classy are the bars on the windows? We lived in a super, super safe neighborhood, but my parents bought the house from a paranoid antique dealer, hence the bars. They bought the house in 1978and getting the bars removed was one of my mom’s conditions to my dad and they finally did. In 1994.

Back to Easter. I can’t really see what we’re wearing in these photos, but my mom was notorious for dressing us in homemade, coordinated, but never matching Easter outfits. Mine was always pink or yellow and my sister’s was blue. This peaked in the early 80s with what was known forever after as the tulip vest incident. I am really hoping I can find the 1980-85 box of family albums and find some choice outfits to share.

The linky will open Monday, April 2nd and we’d love for you to share photos from your childhood Easter celebrations – bonnets and ribbons welcome. And because we are the inclusive sort, Passover, spring fling or any other seasonally appropriate photos would be awesome too. If you don’t have photos, feel free to use your words instead.

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3 Responses to “Announing the Easter Fashion Flashback”

  1. Katherine says:

    Remember my Halloween post I did? Oh I am SO in for this one!


  2. Audrey says:

    I have no such pictures to share, my parents only photographed us at Christmas and Halloween. Alas!


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