Easy Way To Hang a Yarn Wreath

Spring is here; Easter is just around the corner and I thought I would make a happy little yarn wreath for the front door. My original plan was to make a St Patrick’s Day to Easter convertible yarn wreath (genius, right?) but I didn’t finish in time. I had planned both the green parts and the bunny parts to be removable, so I just proceded as planned for the Easter versions, so it looks like next year, I can still do that convertible wreath post.

If I am being perfectly honest, I don’t love the wreath how it turned out, BUT I do love how I did the hanger. I don’t know why it took me so long to think of doing it this way. I suppose I could have been smart and goggled for an answer, but the wreaths are so light a structured hanger doesn’t really matter. This one looks super cute and intergrates into the wreath. It will work on any light wreath with a foam core.

Easy Way to Hang a Yarn Wreath

All it takes is wide ribbon, a bit of yarn, and a few (I used decorative) straight pins.

To make the wreath hanger:

Hang a Yarn Wreath with Ribbon

1. Wrap ribbon around wreath with a few inches extra laid flat on the table.
2.Fold extra ribbon up to make a loop.
3. Fold loop up, lined up with wrapped ribbon.
4. Pin in to place.


How to Hang a Wreath

5. Thread yarn through the loop and tie in a knot. 

6. Slide knot under the loop and pin in to place.

Yay! All done! I tend to make pretty light wreaths, just a single layer of yarn with a few embelishments or ribbons and this should easily work for those, but it heavy decorations or a large amount of stuff is added, I don’t know they weight bearing capacity of this methode. Although, using hot glue instead of pins for the first (pink) set of pins would probably help.

So, here’s a better shot of the wreath. I’m not sure what it needs. Fewer decorations, some ribbon, I don’t know. Easter is two weeks so I don’t really want to fuss with it too much, but I feel like something isn’t quite right…

Yarn Wreath with Bunnies

A note on the yarn: when I was shopping, I was looking for a yarn both springy and fairly neutral because I wanted something to work with the bright green of the shamrock ribbon and the pink and more lime green of the Easter decorations (those are precut fabric stickers, by the way) so I went with a white and yellow variegated baby yarn. I hated working with it for the wreath. It’s thinner and the wreath took forever. I will save baby yarns for mini wreaths in the future, if I use them at all.

I also had a helper this time:

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4 Responses to “Easy Way To Hang a Yarn Wreath”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Clever! I love the wreath (especially the little bit of yellow), but I think maybe the shapes should be in a less busy pattern. Or maybe just the egg shapes?


  2. Amy says:

    There were only two eggs in the pack. I’m thinking about maybe adding two more bands of ribbon and scaling back to one bunny.


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