P366: March 18th – March 24th

The weather was a little wacky this week, probably normal for most parts of the country, but this is southern california. I expect 66-72 year round and partly cloudy or sunny as the norm. Except for June. My birthday month, it is foggy. So this week we had cold! cold winds! over 72 and bright, bright sun! rain! So many things! I don’t even know what I am babbling. You don’t care about my weathers.


Fun finds in the clearance section this week.


New kicks!


Rearranging. (It did look better when he finished...)


I think he likes the stacking more than the dohing.


New fav bedtime book. Toy Story, of course.


Snack: Skinny pretzels and square apples

Interesting thing about the square apples, Spencer used to eat peeled, wedge-sliced apples all the time and then stopped eating them. One day I threw some chopped apples, cheese and chicken over some lettuce and called it lunch. Snuck over and stole all of the (unpeeled!) apples. Ever since then, square apples are a daily request.


New Spencer sized chair!

About that chair, I am so excited that I stumbled across it at Lowe’s the other day. We didn’t need it, per se, but we do make an effort to buy american made products whenever we can find them and I was so pleased to see a simple little chair for sale, and clearly marked with its county of manufacture, that I just snapped it up.

made in usa child chair

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  1. Suzanne says:

    I love the chair! We were just thinking the kids needed some outside, kids sized furniture for painting and other messy crafts. I think my SIL is bringing a table next weekend so we’ll see if our Lowe’s has chairs!

    Brilliant idea re: square apples.


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