Strawberry Chocowich

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It’s no secret that I love strawberries. Quite simply they are one of my favorite things about spring and summer. It doesn’t hurt that I grew up in strawberry country either, April and May marked the beginning and by June, we were buying a $5 flat a week at a roadside stand. And with the strawberries my mom always stopped and picked up some COOL WHIP whipped topping. Strawberries and COOL WHIP are simply a match made in heaven. I tried to capture a bit of that with this recipe. One of my favorite childhood desserts was a nod to a strawberry pie, but much, much easier. My mom would dice strawberries, mix with COOL WHIP and spread it on graham crackers – simple and delicious. My version is Strawberry Filled Chocolate Frozen Desert Sandwich, or a Strawberry Chocowich for short.

These are a great weeknight dessert because they only take three ingredients and come together in just over an hour – the prep time is only about 15 miutes. (Well, if you make your own cookies, it would take longer, but you can’t do this with warm cookies, so let’s assume you made the cookies the day before.) We’re fans of a little something sweet after dinner in this house and I love making easy everyday treats that come together in a snap.

Strawberry Chocowich (makes 4)



  • 10 Strawberries (3/4 cup diced)
  • 8 Chocolate cookies (homemade or store bought, soft cookies work best)
  • 1 cup COOL WHIP whipped topping

Make Filling:

  1. Combine thawed COOL WHIP with diced strawberries
  2. Mix well
  3. I said this was easy :)

Assemble and freeze:

  1. Take a quarter of the filling mixture (about a heaping 1/4 c) and gently spread it on the bottom side of one cookie, getting as close as possible to the edge without going over.
  2. I don’t mind these looking a little rustic, but feel free to spread it out all perefectly if that is your jam.
  3. Press second cookie into filling to make a sandwich. Both cookie bottoms should be facing inward.
  4. Place on wax paper lined cookie sheet and put in the freezer for at least an hour before serving.
  5. If you freeze for longer than an hour or two, let sit out for a few minutes before serving.
  6. These have never lasted longer than a day in my house (I make small batches), but I would think they’d last about a week in the freezer. Wrap each sandwich tightly in cling wrap or foil and place inside a zip top baggie to store. Let them freeze for an hour on the sheet before wrapping.

This is such a lovely and simple dessert. I think it would be great for summer parties and barbaques. And if you don’t have time to freeze them, just put a little less filling in each one, make sure the COOL WHIP is cold and just make and serve them. They wouldn’t be a solid, but the would be just a delicious!

Enjoy! Spencer sure did.

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