12 in 2012 – April

Let’s see how I did on March’s list:

  1. Organize the playroom and make it more functional for storage and play. – DONE
  2. Finish the Marco Pierre White biography so it isn’t sitting in my kindle app 2/3s read for another two months. (I like it, but I don’t looove it. I don’t normally finish books I don’t like) – DONE
  3. Clean the pile of mystery in the corner of my bedroom. – DONE and my hamper lives there now so it can’t really happen again
  4. Find and start using a free calorie/weight loss/fitness app. – TRIED I’m on my third. Still not finding one I like.
  5. Find a decent shade of daytime lipstick, preferably red. – DONE for now
  6. Get taxes done. – DONE, now just waiting for our monies.
  7. Get refi paperwork done. DONE – And approved, baby!
  8. Organize the cupboard with Spencer’s cups/plates and the good storage containers. – DONE
  9. Change over our bed to the sheets/comforter I bought 6 months ago and just haven’t washed. – DONE
  10. Get the crib out of Spencer’s room and into the trailer/garage attic/storage. ALMOST It is out of his room, but not yet permanently stored.
  11. Delete/sort the photos on my desktop. (Screen grabs/downloads/the misc ones) PHASE ONE COMPELTE If I am being perfectly honest, the stuff is off my desktop, but now lurking all mixed up in various folders. Maybe 100 things were deleted, so that’s good.
  12. Clean the refrigerator shelves. NOT DONE – I cleaned the door and the door organizer things, but didn’t take everything out and clean the shelves.

Let’s see what I did when I wasn’t doing the things on my list.

Books read:

Discs Watched:

  • Drive (AWFUL)
  • Moneyball (good but slow)
  • Breaking Dawn Part I (hilarious)
  • North by Northwest (I don’t remember this being this slow)
  • Young Adult (great)
  • Martha Marcy May Marlene (odd)
  • In the Shadow of the Moon (boring)
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (great)
  • (started) The Killing Season One (too soon to tell)

Goals for April

  1. Call dentist I’ve had a broken back molar for awhile. It doesn’t hurt, so I’ve been avoiding the dentit, but I’m thinking I can’t put it off any longer.
  2. Clean Oven This one? Dumb move. I accidently set my oven to self-cleaning and then quickly turned it off. However, my oven door stayed locked so I figured I might as well add this to the list because I would have to run the cleaning cycle to get the door unstuck. Which I did today and it seems the oven blew it’s thermostat fuse or something and the oven part of my stove no longer works. This is why I don’t clean things….
  3. Clean out middle dresser drawer I have tank tops shoved in a corner of it and no clue what is in the rest of the drawer
  4. Paint numbers on Spencer’s bins This was part of the big reorganization last month, but I never finsihed the last part. I need to get everything painted so I
  5. Exercise 12 times My goal is 3 times a week, but I thought writing it this way would keep me from quitting if I missed a week or something. Already done 2 days and it is only the 2nd. Woot.
  6. Clean out front yard section for sunflower patch. I had a huge plot of sunflowers the summer I had Spencer. It was so beautiful, but I let the spot get overgrown. I bought some seeds. Time to take back my yard.
  7. Reorganize cabinet under phone in kitchen. This one is a disaster. It started as baking stuff and seldom used cookware and morphed in to beverage storage and all sorts of things that make no sense and fall out when I open the door.
  8. Clean out nightstand books. I think I need a little come-to-jesus meeting with my book situation and I need to just get rid of the ones I am never actually going to read.
  9. Deal with odd socks. Hopefully, after my book overflow is dealt with, I can use my bottom nightstand drawer to hold odd socks until I think of a better solution. I am attempting to wash everything in my hamper ever time, but somehow I still have odd socks. It is so frustrating.
  10. Get new lampshade for bedside light. Yay! A fun one.
  11. Mail back/return all outstanding items. I have a few things that have been sitting waiting to go back to Zappos. Since early February.
  12. Cook something from 3 cookbooks I already own. I need to either use my cookbooks or put them away. The internet has rendered my cookbook collection fairly obsolete, but I still love them, however, they sit idle, collecting dust.


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One Response to “12 in 2012 – April”

  1. TMae says:

    Soooo….I may or may not use diaper pins to pin my socks together before I throw them in the laundry. I DEFINITELY do it for the toddler’s socks. Because those tiny socks just disappear. (Seriously, where do they go?)

    And the books. OMMYMAUDETHEBOOKS. We’re over run with them, and I can’t give any of them up. It’s a disease.


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