Bullet Points on Spring

I have a lot of things to say, but nothing is enough for a fully formed post, but longer than a tweet, so I thought I would do another this and that bullet point post. I’ll add

  • I don’t really love that Easter has become Christmas lite. I was a little startled by some of the baskets I saw on the internet over the weekend. Not for any “jesus is the reason for the season” type reasons (also – why do people only say that at Christmas), but it just seems like a little much. I guess for me, Easter has always been more about the egg hunt and dying eggs than the actual basket. Growing up we got a few small toys (maybe. Things like bouncy balls), a book, a chocolate bunny and some jelly beans. That is about what I did for Spencer. And most of the stuff was from my random pick things up from the target dollar bins when I see them stash that I already had. Whatever, I guess I shouldn’t judge. Jesus wouldn’t want me too. Heh.
  • Speaking of dollar bins, I think it might be time for another buy nothing made in china month. I’m a little disgusted with the cheap crap I keep bringing home. Although – not all of it has been cheap. Bought a toy Jessie and it broke coming out of the package. Ugh.
  • I’m not really sure how to post my Real Simple lifestyle change updates. I don’t know if anyone cares enough to make it a feature post, maybe every other week? when I find something I really like? Combine it with my week in photo posts? I have no clue.
  • Which brings me to my next point – I’m really torn what to do about this blog. I like writing it, but it seems a little pointless. I can satisfy my sister’s photo needs via facebook. The little blog e-course I took last month raised so many questions. I know I have a super low level of engagement on facebook and in blog comments and a relitively decent one on twitter. The discord bugs me. There are some ways to raise engagement on twitter, but do we really need another blogger saying “Hit Like if your kids have an Easter candy hangover this morning*” or whatever the question of the day is. The facebook thing doens’t bother me nearly as much as the comment thing. People read this. I see you. But, I guess I am so dull people scan and move on. Noted.
  • I’m fat again. No, it isn’t from the pregnancy. I lost that weight already. It is from getting fat last fall and then eating 50 pounds of easter candy**. I’m working out again and working on diet. I think I might just try and limit snacks and eat some sensible breakfasts and lunches and not worry as much about dinner. And maybe go back to cocktail OR dessert. I don’t need both.
  • In related news – I am so happy I figured out how to work out when Spencer is home/awake. Apply Team Umizoomi, rinse, lather, repeat. He came in the first few times to see what was up, asked to be held on it a few times and now has settled in to just running in the room, telling me something about Millie, Bot or Geo and running back out. Added bonus, if I lean out just a little bit, I can see him sitting on the couch from the elliptical.
  • I’m torn between wanting to fix my house, something in almost every room and completely gutting the upstairs bathroom, and wanting to try and sell the house and find a better neighborhood. So, I do nothing but sit around and hate my house and complaign about it. What I should do is figure out everything I can do for free (or assign a number like $100/per room) and do that first.
Ok. Enough whining. Happy Monday to anyone who made it to the end! Spencer picked you some flowers:

Many flowers were harmed while taking of this photo.





*Note: I didn’t actually see this status this morning. I don’t mean you.

**I refuse to admit how many peanut butter eggs were eaten while writing this post.

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17 Responses to “Bullet Points on Spring”

  1. Audrey says:

    You are not boring. :) Also, I agree on the baskets I’ve seen on the internet. You know what I spent on my kids for Easter? $3. Total. The candy is mostly for my husband, they get a pitance, and my inlaws all contribute plenty of that. I was floored by a friend who spent nearly $50 on a basket for a 3 yr old.

    Then again, maybe I’m just a cheap bastard.


    Amy Reply:

    I am cheap also, but I think I spent $25 if you count the egg stuff and baskets. Probably $40 if you count the candy intended for the baskets that I ate before easter, lol.


  2. Leah says:

    A)You are not boring. I like your posts because they are about your life and not, like, lecturing me on what a shitty parent I am because I am not like you.

    B) Calder gets outdoor toys in his Easter basket. Since his birthday is the week before Christmas it’s somewhat pointless and mean to be giving him a pail and shovel set then, so he gets that stuff for Easter. This year is what some sort of water blaster.

    C) Please keep writing because I need good internet to keep me occupied at work.


    Amy Reply:

    I think me lecturing anyone on how to parent would make me the laughing stock of the internet. Although it would be short: Step One Watch lots of Nick Jr Step Two the child magically learns to count. Simple!


  3. TMae says:

    I was just talking to the Mister about stuff kids get for Easter this year. Bikes! Dollhouses! Tractors! What? I got a chocolate bunny and maybe a book when I was a kid. Kidlet got some garden shovels, some quarters, and some fruit snacks. And he couldn’t stop talking about it all day. Yeah, I agree…shouldn’t judge, but I kinda wonder…

    I feel the same way about our house. Change it! Move! Upsidedown mortgage! Build an addition! Sell it! Rinse, repeat, and…do nothing. It’s a vicious cycle.


    Amy Reply:

    Do you actually have an upside-down mortgage? Because a new thing went into effect in March that allows for better refinancing for a bigger percentage of discrepancies. And most of the costs are reimbursed. We’re about to go down 3% for very little expenditure. The paperwork went through and was approved so know we’re just waiting for the finalization stuff. I think it is federal, not just a CA thing.


  4. Suzanne says:

    EASTER IS NOT CHRISTMAS. And I don’t want it to be. All the kids got this year was stuffed bunnies I bought on clearance after Easter last year and a few chocolate filled eggs. I ate all the Cadburry myself last week. I am going to Target tomorrow to buy more stuff on Clearance to put away for next year – plus ALL THE CREME EGGS for me.

    I would like a Real Simple post once a week or every other week, with maybe an extra when you find something you REALLY like. Or divide it up weekly by category – food, organization, etc.

    One of my blogging FB groups is SUPER FOCUSED on getting their blogging FB pages more popular. Several of them bought FB ads and got a couple of extra likes but not NEARLY as much as you would expect. I’ve decided FB just isn’t the medium to promote my blog and sticking to Twitter works better.


    Amy Reply:

    Hopefully you have more luck at Target than I did. I went at 1 pm today (the day after easter) and everything was gone. EVERYTHING. The tags, the spots, all of the signage. It was already switched to extended outdoor/garden section. I poked around the clearance and found only the seasonal baked goods. I saw it on Saturday and it was pretty picked over, but no way people bought EVERYTHING. I think they must sell extra stock to dollar stores or something.


    Suzanne Reply:

    Our Target – the new one – is largely under-shopped. I got several Jason Wu things even though I didn’t line up at 8 am to run through the door. I suspect they will have condensed the area but the amount of stuff still there on Friday was STAGGERING so I’m hoping for the best. Or at least a few creme eggs.


  5. Rebecca says:

    I nodded in agreement through almost this entire post.

    I definitely agree on the whole Easter thing. We don’t really celebrate Easter (even though we kinda do?) We dyed eggs and the boys had a very small egg hunt yesterday morning. Ryan put a few mini eggs in little plastic eggs and his those around the house with some Kinders and some GIANT eggs full of tattoos.

    That’s it.

    For me, growing up, Easter was a VERY religious holiday – more so than Christmas and, even though we don’t really celebrate Easter (even though we kinda do) the whole Christmas lite thing irks me.

    I’m also completely with you on the whole blogging thing. There have been a few times lately where I’ve considered throwing in the towel. I’m just not into the GET ALL THE READERS, HAVE A GAZILLION HITS EVERY DAY, BE A SUCCESS!!! Not that I don’t like or look down those bloggers who are like that, it’s just not for me.

    I’m just chuggin’ along, documenting our lives and not forgetting all the the little moments I otherwise would have. Outside of that, whatever will be, will be…. :)

    I like biweekly Real Simple posts. I could use some simplification but I’d much rather read and copy you than do any actual work myself.

    So get on that, eh?


  6. Mindi says:

    I recently discovered your blog through TAT (I believe) and really love reading it. You write about whats on your mind and your life. Real life is the best way to go! As long as your writing for yourself and wanting to document things that you want to remember then keep writing. It can be frustrating when you don’t feel like anyone is reading because you just don’t get comments but I think these days people are too busy or too lazy to comment. HItting a “like” button is much easier for them even though commenting seriously likes about 30 seconds more time. It’s pretty sad!


  7. I seriously was a little freaked out by the crazy amounts of items parents got their kids for Easter. I just wonder if this is a sudden phenomenon or if I just never paid attention before because I didn’t have a kid. But we didn’t even get Noah an Easter basket, because his birthday was last Tuesday, and he literally still has presents from Christmas that I JUST took out of storage yesterday for him to play with for the first time. And we hardly bought him anything for Christmas OR his birthday. Our families border on being ridiculously generous, and even though we actually requested no toys for his birthday, he still brought home a pretty good haul.

    I don’t see Easter being a huge deal for us in the future, either, because it will always be around his birthday. I’d rather keep it like what we did this year: An egg hunt in conjunction with his birthday party and lots of outside family time Easter weekend. The three of us had a picnic Sunday, and it was wonderful and stress-free.

    I would actually really be interested in reading about your Real Simple challenge, however often you decide to update. I think it’s an interesting idea.

    Also, if I ever allow myself to buy the Reese’s eggs, life as I know it will be over, and I won’t be able to fit out the door of my house.


  8. Oh! And on the home makeover item: I like the way YHL outlines the different things they want to do for a room (you can see it in their recent post about their master bathroom). They also are masters of repurposing things they already have.


    Amy Reply:

    I should go back to reading their site. It was making me feel to depressed and inadequate for a while.


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