Giving up. Giving in. Simple.

It’s no secret that 2012 has sucked balls. I can’t quite get over the hump and everything just keeps getting more overwhelming and more frustrating and I just can’t keep things under control.

It seems like this would be emotionally driven, and I’m sure it partially is, but mostly it’s my house/home/life keeping where I feel like I am failing in every single area. As much as I like them, and I plan to keep them going, I don’t think lists of 12 things a month are going to fix things.

So rather than giving up completely just drifting forever, I’m turning my life over to Real Simple magazine. No. They have nothing to do with this. It isn’t sponsored, endorsed or even encouraged.

What happened was this: I impulsively bought a Real Simple at the store the other day. I used to subscribe but had let my subscription lapse when I didn’t renew any magazines after I had spencer and I figured I had some extra time to read what with my Internet being down and all. I was reading it and had a bit of an epiphany.

I’m probably pretty close to their target demographic – upper middle class/middle class mom in her 30s. But why does my life look nothing like I imagine the Real Simple lady’s life to be. Mine is In shambles, hers is put together and fabulous.

I’m going to give my life a makeover Real Simple style. Every month I’m going to try all of the recipes, learn important life lessons and do all the things! I’ve already purchased.a new hair brush and purple (!!!) eye shadow.

But on the subject of buying things, Real Simple is pretty consumer driven and I’m trying to cut back on stuff, but if the mention a trend and it is something I need anyway, like a hairbrush, then I’ll consult their wise guidance.

I’ll be starting with the April 2012 issue and I’m excited. It has a lot of things about small changes to save money, being organized and, of course, purple eye shadow.

I wrote this on my phone. Apologies for any wonkiness.

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7 Responses to “Giving up. Giving in. Simple.”


    Their recipes always look so good don’t they?

    Um… omg… which purple eyeshadow (brand and color name!!!)?! LOL!


    Amy Reply:

    It’s a little cover girl set that was on sale at Target for $3 called dance party. The name made it seem exciting, lol.


  2. TMae says:

    I just got a subscription to Real Simple. I’ve been buying it compulsively for a year – I LOVE the recipes. They’re so…simple.

    The editor of Real Simple (I have no idea what her name is) wrote a memoir style book about working and parenting, and it was really nice to see her being REAL and wondering how to make it all happen. Quick read, you might enjoy it.


  3. Ha, I used to subscribe to RS too, until I had a kid. Now, all my free time is spent reading blogs, not magazines. I look forward to your RS experiment though! Kinda like Julie & Julia!


    Amy Reply:

    It is sort of like that. Someone did an Oprah blog too, but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it.


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