Little Bits from My Kitchen vol. 3

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, but I haven’t done a ton of cooking lately. I’ve been battling a broken oven and a general feeling of kitchen ennui. I did, however, sign up for foodzie and get my first box, so that was super fun. Thanks Amanda for telling me about it!

The box was pretty fun and who doesn’t like getting packages? I won’t break down all the parts, but I think my favorite part was either the old bay/bacon fat peanuts or the granola. My husband’s favorite was the beer truffles, I think. Everything was make in Brooklyn, pretty awesome.

I need to talk about my water carafe. It really changed my day to day beverage life and for the way better. We picked up a fantastic thermal water carafe over the holidays and I love it. I’m not one of the cool kids with a Keurig and our coffee maker was awful so we gradually switched over to instant coffee. It has come a long way since the sanka I remember from childhood and we use the trader joe’s brand for day to day and the starbucks via when we’re feeling fancy. I love this carafe because I can just boil a kettle of water on the stove, pour the remainder in the carafe and it stays nice and hot all day. In fact, if we make a cup of tea after dinner and fill up the carafe, it is still plenty hot in the morning.

I’ve been trying to buy more bulk chicken to cook for dinner. Chicken legs were on sale a few weeks ago and I bought I giant pack of them and then just sort of started at them. I don’t love legs, but it turns out I like them more than I remember. I brushed them with bbq sauce and baked them in the over (before it broke) turning a few times and brushing with more sauce throughout the baking. Yum. I’m also getting the big bags of boneless skinless thighs to try some of the Real Simple Recipes.

Cooking is part of my Real Simplify My Life Project and I’ve made one thing so far, from the 10 things to do with chicken thighs article.

This turned out really well – even Spencer liked it. I followed the recipie about as well as a normally do. I made it exactly like this, but used boneless/skinless thighs, cooked it in a skillet and used edamame instead of lima beans. The most fun part of this recipe was how much Spencer helped. He helped me zest and squeeze the lemon, his hand on mine, meausure the spices and mix the marinade. He even poured it over the chicken.

Tip: if you have a counting obsessed toddler and a recipe calls for tablespoons, go ahead and use a half teaspoon to measure. Spencer really dug all the extra counting. Just remember – 3 teaspoons in a tablespoon, so 6 half teaspoons in a tablespoon.

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6 Responses to “Little Bits from My Kitchen vol. 3”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Somewhat embarrassingly, I didn’t realize boneless, skinless thighs were a thing you could buy at the store until last year. I was always looking at recipes for chicken thighs and thinking “Man, I HATE bones! I guess I’ll make it with breasts and it will just be not as good.”

    I am impressed with how much Spencer helps in the kitchen. I like the IDEA of letting the toddler help but in reality I enjoy cooking much more when I don’t have to worry about him ruining a recipe by decided to add ALL the salt.


    Amy Reply:

    I know you don’t have a TJs, but maybe at the club store you can find bags of boneless/skinless thighs that were individually frozen. That’s what I get and I think it is $6.99 for 8, which is 2-3 meals so it works out to a pretty inexpensive protein. And as for Spencer, I pick and choose the projects. I had enough stuff to completely remake the marinade if it got ruin. Also, I hold the spice jar and let him scoop. I don’t let him have both. There are some incidents. He was helping me make the berries I was bringing for Easter brunch and he squirted soap all over the strawberries draining in the sink. Ugh. There are also things like moving things from s strainer to a bowl with tongs.


  2. Foodzie looks fun! Do you find it to be worth the $30/month?

    Also, water carafe … is it only for hot water? Would it work with regular coffee, too? We have a bad habit of leaving coffee in the pot for too long, and ours doesn’t keep it hot long enough.

    I definitely agree with Suzanne that it’s cool Spencer helps out. That’s something I’d love to do with Noah when he’s a little older.


    Amy Reply:

    Yep. It works for any hot or cold liquid. I love using it for just water because I don’t really have to wash it, but coffee would work too. I’ve only had one box so far, I decided to give it 3 boxes and see how I like it. It is fun and the products are definitely worth $30, but it is a luxury for sure. I probably wouldn’t have spent $30 on granola, candy and dried mangos otherwise, you know?


  3. Emily Y. says:

    Hmm… this foodzie thing looks really good! Hubs would go nuts over beer truffles. Who am I kidding? Beer + Chocolate? I think I’d go nuts, too. Also, I can’t wait till my son is old enough to help in the kitchen… sounds like fun!


    Amy Reply:

    The beer truffles are here: I thought they were good, but that they all tasted the same. My husband swears he could tell the difference, maybe my beer + chocolate palate just isn’t nuanced enough…


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