Steppin’ Out to the Reagan Library (How educational!)

This is about as close to Air Force One as I am probably ever going to get and this one was decomissioned. We went to Reagan Library this weekend because I impulsively bought a groupon months ago and it was expriring in 2 weeks. I’d been before with just my husband a few years ago and it was pretty nice, so we thought we’d try again with the tot. I’m torn between saying it was a learning experience, a mistake or fun because it was all three. See also: Spencer is 2.5.

The main reason we thought Spencer might like it – Air Force One. They let you walk through it. No photography and pretty much no touching, but he did get to go on an airplane. The reason listed for the photography ban is protecting state secrets. The actual reason is selling souvenier photos. Souvenir photos in which we were ordered strongly encouraged to wave like the first family getting on the plane.

Reason Number 2 why I’ll never be president – my lack of presidential wave, (reason #1 – my twenties) And I’ll never be first lady because my husband was born out of the US (but to American parents, I think the law still stands though. Lame) I guess I will have to settle for being MOP (mother of the president). [My husband’s face is crossed out because his job as a super secret double agent spy for SD6 requires that I don’t post his identity online.]*

Spencer liked parts of the museum:

 The empty parts where he could run free. He was not so much a fan of the jelly belly reagan:

Check out that smile!

And then after the museum I had 5 guys for the first time. Verdict: loved the burger, loved the bite I had of Spencer’s hot dog (he ate the whole (bun free) thing! and thought the fries were just ok.

I was going to list the clothes, but then I realized that you can barely see them and no one cares. I’m linking up with Mandy for Steepin’ Out Saturday, about whom people do care what cute clothes she is wearing, but luckily she welcomes all.


*Lies. He doesn’t want his face on the blog. I respect that. Normally I would just crop or use a different picture, but this one was too hilarious to pass up.

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2 Responses to “Steppin’ Out to the Reagan Library (How educational!)”

  1. TMae says:

    I’m a lot horrified by the Jelly Belly portrait of Reagan.


  2. Suzanne says:

    I love Jelly Bellys a totally unhealthy amount, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be eating any for a really long time.

    That pic of Spencer running by the airplanes is GREAT.


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