What’s My Bag?

Audrey is doing a fun what’s in your purse blog hop and since I love this in magazines and recently on the Hairpin, I thought I would join in. First off – the purse itself. This is a relatively new purchase, found at Target on clearance. I’d been carrying the same bag previously since I found it on Mackinac Island on vacation in 2009 (our last vacation before I got pregnant. Ahh memories) and it was gross and didn’t have a shoulder strap. So I’d been looking for quite a while before I found this one about a month ago. This is also the bag I carried at Disneyland.

It looks a little larger than it really is in the picture, it is about 12 inches across. I’ve never really been a diaper bag person. Probably because I never had a good one, so I got in the habit of just keeping everything in the car: diapers, wipes, changing pad and toys. I just grab what I need. Spencer also hates being changed up high, so I go back out to the car for changes anyways. We even did a standing diaper change tucked in an alcove at Disney because he hates the tables so much.

As for the contents, this is literally what is in my bag as of the moment I decided to do the post, but there is normally a collection of receipts and loose change on the bottom, but I just cleaned everything out from our trip. This time there was a bonus dusting of pretzel salt on everything!


Things to clean/wipe: paper napkins, bib, baby washcloth, wipe singles (kept for emergencies. I am really stingy with these)

Vitals: Wallet, Sunglasses (both from Target), keys. That elephant keyring was a gift from my sister on my 16th birthday. Many things have changed in my life, but that has always been my keyring. Not pictured: phone that is taking the picture

Make-up: spf powder (I even used this on Spencer in disney. Works in a pinch), spf lipbalm, lip stain

Food: a random variety of toddler snacks (currently fruit snacks, mum mums, leftover animal cookies from Disney and emergency smarties)

I feel like there are some things missing. There would normally be a hair tie of some sort and a pen. I used to always carry a sharpie, but, you know, toddlers…


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4 Responses to “What’s My Bag?”

  1. Audrey says:

    mmm, salted wallet! My favorite!


  2. Emily Y. says:

    I’m amazed at how little you carry around with you. Slash “amazed,” and replace it with “jealous.” I don’t think I can do this blog hop… there’s way too much crap in my bag!


    Amy Reply:

    It only looks good because this isn’t a “show me all the crap in the back of your car” hop. You should do it! Totally fun.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Cute post!! May have to do one like this in the future. (After I clean out my terribly messy bag first!) :)


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