12 in 2012 – May + April in Review

Let’s see how April turned out:

Goals for April

  1. Call dentist I’ve had a broken back molar for awhile. It doesn’t hurt, so I’ve been avoiding the dentit, but I’m thinking I can’t put it off any longer.CALLED, 2 Fillings & 1 pulled wisdom tooth. Ouch.
  2. Clean Oven This one? Dumb move. I accidently set my oven to self-cleaning and then quickly turned it off. However, my oven door stayed locked so I figured I might as well add this to the list because I would have to run the cleaning cycle to get the door unstuck. Which I did today and it seems the oven blew it’s thermostat fuse or something and the oven part of my stove no longer works. This is why I don’t clean things. DONE – ISH? After a nearly $200 repair from using the self cleaning cycle, I am never cleaning the oven again.
  3. Clean out middle dresser drawer I have tank tops shoved in a corner of it and no clue what is in the rest of the drawer – WHOOPS. Forgot about this one. Not done.
  4. Paint numbers on Spencer’s bins This was part of the big reorganization last month, but I never finsihed the last part. I didn’t do this because I can’t figure out what kind of paint to use on those synthetic canvas-like target bins. A test spot of acryllic craft paint flaked right off.
  5. Exercise 12 times My goal is 3 times a week, but I thought writing it this way would keep me from quitting if I missed a week or something. Already done 2 days and it is only the 2nd. Woot. I kicked this ones ass. Now to keep the momentum up and maybe look at my diet in May.
  6. Clean out front yard section for sunflower patch. I had a huge plot of sunflowers the summer I had Spencer. It was so beautiful, but I let the spot get overgrown. I bought some seeds. Time to take back my yard. PARTIALLY DONE.
  7. Reorganize cabinet under phone in kitchen. This one is a disaster. It started as baking stuff and seldom used cookware and morphed in to beverage storage and all sorts of things that make no sense and fall out when I open the door. – DONE
  8. Clean out nightstand books. I think I need a little come-to-jesus meeting with my book situation and I need to just get rid of the ones I am never actually going to read. DONE
  9. Deal with odd socks. Hopefully, after my book overflow is dealt with, I can use my bottom nightstand drawer to hold odd socks until I think of a better solution. I am attempting to wash everything in my hamper ever time, but somehow I still have odd socks. It is so frustrating. DONE
  10. Get new lampshade for bedside light. Yay! A fun one. – DONE
  11. Mail back/return all outstanding items. I have a few things that have been sitting waiting to go back to Zappos. Since early February. DONE
  12. Cook something from 3 cookbooks I already own. I need to either use my cookbooks or put them away. The internet has rendered my cookbook collection fairly obsolete, but I still love them, however, they sit idle, collecting dust. I forgot about this one. Completely. I also cooked a bunch from Real Simple, so maybe I should do one thing or the other.

Tasks for May (I think I am going to roll some over from April this time.)

  1. I’m going to be bold and just add Clean Out My Dresser. It has to be done. Maybe I’ll find some cute clothes for the summer.
  2. This is a do-over from April – paint the numbers on Spencer’s bins. The tape is in even worse shape than it was in April.
  3. Start vegetable seeds with Spencer. I have the stuff, just need to start the seeds so they’re ready when we get the garden fixed up.
  4. Keep exercising. I think this might be a permanent additon to the list.
  5. Time for a book purge! Too bad they’re so expensive to ship or I would do a shop my bookcase on the blog. Well, I could do that. Shipping a book is about $1-3 media mail. Plus maybe a buck for the book. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  6. Dare I do TWO fitness goals? Attempt the Bob Harper Yoga Warrior dvd.
  7. All sorts of boring cleaning tasks this month. Clean out my bathroom cabinet.
  8. Don’t buy any books. Unless they are a gift. Or maybe for Spencer using credit card points.
  9. Clean the office/guest room {including under the desk}. This is a total cheat because my sister is coming to visit and I have to do this one.
  10. Shred the shredables. I need to get our paper situation under control.
  11. This is one of those things that most people like and I hate: get a haircut, just a trim I think. I’m still growing out a bunch of scraggly layers.
  12. Find a dish drainer that fits in my sink. Or convince my husband that we need a new sink. Either works for me.

Riveting play by play of cleaning the cupboard.

Things I Read

      • Fifty Shades Freed: Book Three of the Fifty Shades Trilogy What can I say – I read this for no reason other than being a completist.
      • You Have No Idea (BlogHer book club. Review up tomorrow)
      • Hollywood in Heels I’m glad this one was free. It’s a fluffy life of an it girl in hollywood sort of book, not my favorite. Plus, the constant references to her vagina as a “peach-ca” was excruciating. Is that a thing? I’ve never heard it.
      • Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge This is a fascinating book, the oral history of grunge. As someone who was in high school when grunge first went main stream popular and it loved it, reading the backstory was amazing.
      • Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: (A Mostly True Memoir) I love the Bloggess. I loved the book. I wish there had been more about her childhood/early years. Also. Knock, knock motherfucker.
      • Spencer got a new book and it is the best kid’s book I’ve seen in a long time. Hippopposites: the art is adorable and the opposoites are a challange. Sets inlude opaque/transparent and free/caged.


Movies/DVDs watched – This was a slow month.

  • Finished Season 1 of the Killing and almost caught up to the currently airing Season 2 via On Demand. So far, I really like it. I know a lot of people complained about the end of the first season, but I liked it. It is a little slow paced and I think it is well served by watching on dvd rather then when it actually airs.
  • The Descendants (technically we watched this 5/1, but I really wanted to watch it in April so I’m counting it) This was good. I see way it was lauded, but Clooney has reached the level of stardom where I really can’t forget I’m watching George Clooney in a movie and lose myself in his character. I might read the book. Has anyone read it?

So, how was your April? Do anything fun?


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13 Responses to “12 in 2012 – May + April in Review”

  1. I’m doing miserably on my 2012 goals, so I might copy you and break it down into smaller monthly goals. Blah. I hate getting to this part of the year and realizing that I weigh more and have less money than in January. And that I don’t have any cool new craft projects or pretty flowers to show for the 5 months of 2012.


    Amy Reply:

    I would keep it under 12 for the month or make them easier. I’m having trouble doing them every month. I’m tempted to narrow it down to 5 or something.


  2. Well that is a great idea…listing your 12 things and then saying how you did with them….good motivator. You’ve inspired me, I just might have to do that.


  3. Rebecca says:

    What about fabric paint on Spencer’s bins? Or Sharpie? They come in a rainbow of colours now!


    Amy Reply:

    My husband suggested sharpie too. I wasn’t sure how to make it not look like marker. Maybe buy the super wide ones and fill in a stencil at an angel?


    Rebecca Reply:

    I’m not sure the numbers looking like a marker would be all that bad.

    Course I’ve never seen the bins and don’t know the ‘look’ you’re going for. I do think using a fatter stencil would be a good idea though. I wouldn’t just freehand skinny numbers. Because I SUCK at free handing anything.


  4. Suzanne says:

    The Bob Harper DVD is actually fun AND I feel like it is giving me Results! which makes me want to KEEP doing it. It is easier than that class with Bob was in real life, if that helps.

    I would potentially be interested in books, but I am terrible at reading anything not on my Kindle. I still haven’t started Spoiled.


    Amy Reply:

    It’s more having time/space for the dvd. Unless I can convince Spencer to do it with me. And holy crap, that bob harper workout at blogher was fun. That’s one of my favorite memories of the whole conference, even though it broke my thighs.


  5. Jamie says:

    I admire you for putting your goals out there like this!! I need to sit down and think some goals out and see how I do.

    Congrats on your comments on your blog =)


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m trying to use the blog to keep me accountable and a big part of that is admitting when I failed to meet the goals, but that is a little embarrassing…


  6. Nichole says:

    Yeah, I’m going to need a nap after simply READING your list!
    Can you come over and tackle mine next?


    Amy Reply:

    You’re my 5000th comment! You win… ehugs! xoxo
    I don’t actually accomplish my list every month, but I do try.


  7. TMae says:

    I cleaned out the medicine/makeup drawer in the dresser today and felt like I’d been sooooo heroically productive. I’m pathetic.

    I’m ALWAYS interested in books. I’ll even pay you for them.


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