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I come from a family where a lot of the men have served in wars, but none were career military. My dad fully intended to be career military after he did ROTC in college, but a tour of duty in Vietnam changed his mind. The members of my family who served in wars came home. My husband’s grandfather was not so lucky. His ship, the USS Spence, went down in a typhoon in the South Pacific near the end of World War 2.

USS Spence via Wikipedia

Note: Some of you might notice that Spence is awfully close to Spencer and, yes, he is named after the ship. We went back and forth quite awhile about naming him Spencer vs Spence and finally decided to go with the more common name in case he ever wanted souvenier key chains or something.

Memorial Plaque in Iowa

I would just like to use this day and this space to recognize our country’s fallen veterans of war. That’s what today is for after all. Fallen veterans of war. And while it’s nice to have a three day weekend out of respect, there is no need to wish someone a “Happy Memorial Day.” That’s just weird and I don’t get it. Enjoy a day off (if you get one), enjoy a bbq (if you want one), shop the sales (if that is your thing), but please at least remember that Memorial Day is a day for just that – memorials – not just ushering in white shoe season.

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3 Responses to “In Memorandum”

  1. Suzanne says:

    I really, really love this post. Thank you for your family’s service.


  2. Emily Y. says:

    I’ve always felt weird about the “happy” Memorial Day saying… it’s not exactly happy, I agree. It’s more like “proud,” but I guess that doesn’t sound as good.


  3. Misty says:

    My son deployed a few weeks ago. Yesterday I was unable to get out of pajamas or really function. That sounds ridiculous I am sure, but I was hit with the realization that the entire country was full of people celebrating and having an amazing time. While, on one hand that is a good thing- and the very freedom these soldiers fight for… One the other hand though, i felt like it made their sacrifice a little irrelevant too…

    This is a great post.


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