S is for Spencer. And for Stubborn.

Spencer’s preschool show was last night and I must say groups of 10 or so kids ages 2.5-4.5 singing in organized groups might be the cutest thing ever. In each class, there was at least one kid solemnly standing on stage, with the class, refusing to sing. Sometimes there was even a bonus pout. For the last few days, we’ve been trying to get Spencer to tell us what song he was singing with his class and every time he would tell us the ABC song. I thought he was kidding, after all the program was called “Wee Sing for Jesus.”

Spencer is a little bear.

Spencer’s class performed first. They all went up, stood on their tape and most of them sang their first song. Spencer? Clearly was singing the alphabet song.  The song ended. They started their second song. Spencer again sang the alphabet song. He also decided this would be an awesome time to lift his shirt and show off his belly. He might have been inspired by his classmate lifting her skirt. It was off-key chaos, but it was truly adorable.

Strike a pose.

The rest of the classes sang their songs, with one class doing some sort of interpretive dance routine as well. Then there was a slideshow and back to the classroom for refreshments and an art show. Spencer was mostly interested in a bonus opportunity for playing with the school toys. When we got back in the car, we asked him what song he sang. He answered “ABC Song.” We asked him what song the rest of his class sang and he replied with a smile, “Jesus song.” So, he knew what he was doing all along. S is for Stubborn.

Art or tribute to twitter, you decide.

We grabbed some dinner on the way home. It’s always a gamble taking a toddler out to eat at 745 at night, but we we hungry. It all went so great until we were leaving and had to exit past the gumball machines. There was much screaming until he passed out cold in the car on the way home. ::shakes fist at sky cursing gumball machines everywhere:: Not wanting to provoke the beast, I just put him in bed clothes and all when we got home.

Still snoozing away the next morning.




I normally hesitate to post pictures of other people’s kids online, but that photo is so blurry and awful everyone is nearly unrecognizable.

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4 Responses to “S is for Spencer. And for Stubborn.”

  1. Suzanne says:

    I totally love the Spencer just sang the song he wanted to, screw what the program said. Damn the man!

    And OH GOD do I hate those gumball/toy machines. They have 6 of them at the exit to Babies R Us. I mean, REALLY, BABIES R US?? I just bought my kid a bunch of crap in your store, you really need to ruin my day?


  2. That’s hilarious and such a great memory.

    I’m glad we don’t have to deal with the gumball machine issue yet, but I will admit to resorting to handing my kid random things to play with yesterday when we ran into someone we knew while we were leaving Target. Because he was SO READY TO GO HOME at that point, and the person we ran into wanted to stand around and talk.


  3. Audrey says:

    I always tell Ev those things are broken. Because I’m a liar.

    I adore that he sang the alphabet song. :D


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