Unfinished Thoughts

When people ask me my blogging niche, I often answer “random” for lack of anything better to say. Honestly, I think I am more of a lifestyle blogger than parenting blogger in theory, but my “lifestyle” is pretty boring in actuallity. I don’t live in an enchanted bungalow filled with owls, needlepoint and chalkboard paint. I frequently start posts and leave them unfinished because I figure no one cares or I lose interest. I thought it would be fun to take a little stroll through my drafts folder.

Your Normal is Not My Normal – this title could be about lots of things, but the post is actually about how tired of people saying “the same thing happened to me” when talking about my loss of the twins. It seems unlikely and I never know what part they were referring to. Stillbirth? Miscarriage? Lost twins? Almost hemoragged to death?

BCB Soup – Bacon, Cheddar, Broccoli Soup. This was really good. I should finish the post. I think it just needs a picture.

Welcome Wagon – Another one I should finish. Did I tell you we are getting new neighbors and it is a family with a child at Spencer’s school? I am freaking out.

An Open Letter to the Disney Store, Your Toys are Pieces of Crap – the title pretty much says it all

Not the One You Wanted, Not the One You Keep – we can bundle a few posts in with this one. There are many unfinished posts about the twins. I’m skipping back to January.

Potty Training Or Our Distinct Lack There Of – this one only has one line: I hope Spencer doesn’t need to be potty trained before school starts in the fall.

Friday 15 – this post is weird. It starts out listing 5 things that no one seems to care about being illegal but me. My usual get your bicycles the hell off my sidewalk rant

How to use TweetDeck to calm your Twitter stream – a tutorial about blocking hashtags and users

Frittata – It was delicious, but the pictures turned out horribly.

The Emotional Cost of BlogHer – Dude, in retrospect, I did not need to be so damn sad when I got home from BlogHer. Thank god I never published this one.

Hope you liked the glimpse into my messy brain! Anything you want to see? I might polish up some of these now that I’ve looked through them.




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10 Responses to “Unfinished Thoughts”

  1. Cheri says:

    I LOVE seeing into your life! Maybe I am nosey…But I started teaching my child his letters because yours knew his and was younger. So maybe I am competitive. Either way!! My normal is not like yours is something I think everyone needs to hear. I cried for you when you lost the twins. I have miscarried twice and can not image what your was for you. As each is different and no one understands what you are going through, even if it is exactly the same situation with the same results. I HATED hearing ‘I know how you feel’ because no one did. I would be happy to read each of these!!


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks so much for your comment! I really hate “I know how you feel” so much, after my parents died too. I know it can be hard for people to find the right platitude, but that just isn’t the right thing.


  2. molly says:

    I have a ton of drafts too. But when I look at them I’m like, WTF. I am not posting that.

    I would have really like to see your blogher post. Mostly because I was sad when I got back too. And I like to read other opinions on the whole conference thing.


    Amy Reply:

    In retrospect, my blogher post was overwrought. I’m going to try and put together something with a slightly less tragic perspective before this years. Because I did have fun, it just took me a few months to realize that the good way outweighed the bad. But it wasn’t all rainbows and lollipops for sure.


    Suzanne Reply:

    I think the switch back to real life from BlogHer – along with SO MANY public reactions from SO MANY people on Twitter/blogs/Facebook/etc – made me sad too. And it made it really hard for me to decided how I felt. I’m hoping I can care less this year while also having more fun.


  3. the grumbles says:

    I WANT to like tweedeck, because of the blocking, but I just can’t get used to the interface. Sigh.


    Amy Reply:

    It took me awhile to get used to it, but now I love it. Mostly because you can block people AND sources. I see no check ins or anything.


  4. I feel you on not having a real niche. I just write about what I want to. My house isn’t cute, and I suck at crafting, but lifestyle seems to be the most catch-all, and I’m good at cooking but not so good that I have a food blog … eh, whatever. We’ll start our own niche and call it awesome.

    I definitely want you to post the BCB soup recipe because that sounds awesome.


    Amy Reply:

    It’s hard with the niche thing. Ultimately it doesn’t matter except for other bloggers/sponsors (of which I have none), but I don’t *feel* like a mom blogger. I never did monthly updates or letters or stuff like that. But I do blog about Spencer sometimes and my photos certainly feature him. Maybe I should change my niche from random to unread.


  5. A lot of those sound like good reads! I started a second blog because I felt like I was posting too many things over on my “mommy” blog. So now, I have an “army wife/mommy” blog and a “everything else” blog. I don’t think I’m going to ever try to get sponsors or anything on that one, so I’m leaving it niche-less.


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