Very Quiet Mother’s Day

We spent mother’s day recouperating from a week of illness and my sister’s visit. The most shocking turn of event was Spencer sleeping in until 9 o’clock. I don’t think he has ever slept that late and despite a week of 6 am wake-ups due to my own cold, I was able to sleep in until 9 too! Awesome!

And then we flew a kite.

I was feeling a bit blue on mother’s day until I saw so many of you gardening online. It was too windy and cold to do much here yesterday. This is Southern California, anything under 65 requires hiding indoors under blankets. I think starting next year, I’m copying the mother’s day in theĀ gardenĀ tradition. And maybe that mimosa tradition.


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5 Responses to “Very Quiet Mother’s Day”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Cool kite! To be fair, it was 80 degrees in CT for Mother’s Day – which is very very unusual. I always plant that weekend because it’s the first time we don’t have a danger of frost.


  2. Audrey says:

    Ooh, that’s a pretty kite! I like the kite flying thing, that’s cool. We have 2 kites and we never take them out, we should do that. Also I rather enjoyed having my inlaws over for a lunch. It wasn’t as much work because I made my husband clean the house before they came (that’s how we get M’s day done here, I make lists and say “this is what I expect of you” otherwise nothing happens) and they all decided to weed my patio, which really needs it. :D


  3. Kim says:

    I was jealous of all the Mother’s Day gardening, but now I am way more jealous of the 9am wake-up! woohoo!


  4. Emily Y. says:

    Definitely the mimosa tradition… that’s well earned…


  5. OTandET says:

    i’m with you – next year it’s mimosas all the way! glad you got to sleep in, though, that’s kind of worth its weight in gold.


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