Oh sleep, I remember you fondly

There are few things that “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” apply to as well as sleep after you have a baby.  In my last triemester, everyone kept telling me to get a lot of sleep before the baby came and for the most part, I ignored them. Mainly because 1) I slept horribly towards the end of my pregnancy – leg cramps and back pain kept me up much of the night and 2) I thought they were kidding.

Becoming a parent causes so much life upheaval, but the hardest for me was the lack of sleep. Spencer didn’t regularly sleep through the night until he was at least 18 months old, I’m thinking closer to 2, but I’ve blocked it out. And then he promptly gave up naps. This kid of mine was determined to never let me sleep again.

But I still remember that one glorious night when he was about 6 months old like it yesterday, I went to bed a harried and exhausted been a mother too long to call it newborn exhaustion mother and woke up refreshed – confused, but refreshed. Spencer had slept through the night. It was a miracle! A wonderment! But ultimately an utter disappointment – it was months before he did it again.

Now he sleeps. He just hates going to sleep.

Now that he is nearly three (eep!) he’s finally become a solid sleeper. I’ve also taken some steps to improve my sleep every night. Since Spencer was born, we’ve upgraded our mattress, pillows (domestic feather pillows are not easy to find, but we did it) and switched out our sheets to a soothing blue. All of the fancy bed fixings are fine and good, but I think the biggest change for the good I made was to stop watching TV before bed. Now, I just read a chapter of a book or flip through a magazine.

I think kids in general keep parents from getting a good night’s sleep. Once they sleep through, then we’re awake with worry or to care for an illness. I can’t imagine what is going to happen in the teenage years. Oy.

Sometimes parents need a little extra help and that is where zzzQuil could come in as an occasional sleep aid. They have generously offered a printable coupon for your regional Kroger store (here in So Cal, that would be Ralph’s.)



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2 Responses to “Oh sleep, I remember you fondly”

  1. misssrobin says:

    I’m sorry it was so long before your son gave you a break. It can only get better from here, right?

    Stopping by from SITS.


  2. Fist bump of sleepless solidarity. Though I suppose that’s not really something you fist bump for. Hug? Cry over a bottle of wine?


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