Mini Ravioli with Fresh Tomatoes

Simple. Straightforward. Delicious. When I’m cooking from my garden, I like to let the flavors of the produce stand on their own. I’m pretty sure I saw Martha cook this on her old show, except it was more like a caprese salad and she called it no knife pasta and she ripped fresh summer tomatoes apart with her hands. Actually, they aren’t very similar at all, but this recipe is the happy result of the battle between an idea in my head and the food stock in my house.

Ravioli with Garden Tomatoes

Mini Ravioli with Fresh Tomatoes

Confession: I didn’t measure, but am a pretty good estimator. Take all this with a grain of salt, well, literally more than a grain. This gets salted. Twice.

3 cups chopped fresh tomatoes, I used half cherry and half large because that is what I picked from the garden. Anything will do.
3 cups mini ravioli, cooked per package directions
2 cloves garlic (peeled and minced)
1 tablespoon cooking oil (I use safflower)
1 teaspoon fresh oregano (basil would work, maybe a bit more. My basil plant did not do well this year. Not at all)
1/4 cup parmesan cheese

  1. Put salted water on to boil for ravioli (follow package instructions)
  2. Chop tomatoes into bite sized pieces (halves for cherries)
  3. When water is just about to boil, heat oil in a large sauce pan and add garlic. Cook over medium-low heat until garlic is translucent, but not browned.
  4. Put the ravioli in the boiling water (follow directions for cooking time, normally about 3 min for minis)
  5. Add the oregano to the garlic and oil.
  6. Drain the ravioli
  7. Put the tomatoes in the garlic and oil, sprinkle with salt and then add the drained ravioli and cover.
  8. Let sit for about two minutes then add parmesan cheese and stir.
  9. Place in a warmed bowl to serve family style or dish out to plates. Enjoy!

Toddler Tip: Spencer really wanted to help make this, but there wasn’t a lot  for him to do. He helped pick the tomatoes and oregano. He scraped the cut tomatoes off of the cutting board into a bowl with a spoon. He “measured” the grated parmesan from the container into a bowl. (I like to grate a whole block of parmesan at once and just keep it in a tub in the freezer. Or sometimes I buy the shaved parmesan. I don’t judge. Your cheese is your business, unless it is the green can. That isn’t really cheese.)


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11 Responses to “Mini Ravioli with Fresh Tomatoes”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Just say no to green can cheese.


  2. Audrey says:

    Looks delicious!


  3. Veronica says:

    Hey thanks for an addition to next week’s menu plan!


  4. Gina says:

    Oh yum!!! Anything tomatoes & pasta is good in my book.


  5. that looks so good — even at 11p at night! yum!! we have been growing tomatoes & basil all summer and have an abundance {if you need some basil!} and this is a perfect dish to make… although we are getting used to eating fresh pico de gallo every night! :)


  6. Yum, thanks for sharing looks great!


  7. Susan Cooper says:

    I absolutely love ravioli’s. So you know what that means? This recipe is now going into my “must make” file. Thanks for this, it will definitely be made in our house. :-)


  8. Jamie says:

    I’m a huge pasta fan, but I’m not very good with experimenting out. I’m pretty basic, but this recipe looks pretty good, and one I could easily try. (I’m a sucker for stuffed pastas)


  9. Arnebya says:

    This looks delicious (and is making me giggle b/c Martha’s answer to the “what don’t you do well” question (that she had to think about!) was anything she hasn’t tried yet…and knives. She’s not that great of a knife handler (so she says) so this has me smiling wondering if that’s why she tore apart the tomato. Regardless, I think I have my meatless Wednesday meal, so thanks!


  10. Ann says:

    My basil plant hasn’t done well this year either; but my tomatoes are off.the.hook. I’m constantly creating new dinner recipes for them; nothing compares to home-grown tomatoes!


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