Some BlogHer Favorites

I have a lot to say this year about BlogHer in general and private parties/swag in specific, but I’m still processing. I’m also still quite tired. I got off pretty easy during the #BlogHerTarmac fiasco of weather causing flight delays all over for people trying to get home. Early on, I tried putting a more positive spin on things with #tarmacparty, but clearly that didn’t catch on because, well you know… bloggers. I only had a 2 hour on plane delay and got home the same day as scheduled, so that was good enough for me. Also, I can’t say enough nice things about the amazing patience and fortitude of the Virgin America cabin crew.*

I thought I would just hit some highlights:

Favorite panel: iPhoneography

Favorite heartwarming moment: the BlogHer co-founder’s hug after Obama’s opening remarks to the conference (via video)

Favorite party for meeting people and actually talking to them: Queerosphere

Favorite dance party: Sparklecorn (no unicorns were harmed in the making of that statement. Or cakes.)

Favorite cocktail: Bloody Mary at abcKitchen (brunch with my sister on Sunday), close second the Kentuckian at Blue Fin

Best Food at a BlogHer party: Social Fiesta

Best Touristy thing: HighLine/the Boathouse at Central Park (tie)

People always talk about freebies this and swag that, but Spencer’s hands down favorite thing I brought home from the conference is the $5 plastic taxi I bought him after the food tour of Chelsea Market.

And because no list is complete without a worst, I would hazard a guess that the drinks in the Lobby Lounge at the Hilton might in fact be the worst drinks in all of Midtown, if not all of New York City. Or maybe even THE WORLD.




*Not sponosered.

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13 Responses to “Some BlogHer Favorites”

  1. wendy says:

    I paid almost $20 for 4 sodas in the Hilton lobby. Soda!
    I’m sorry we didn’t get to hang out beyond our quick chat at Sweet Suite. I totally would I loved to do the food tour in Chelsea. I did one in the Village which was fun but not great. It sounds like you had a pretty decent experience this year. I wish I could say the same.


    Amy Reply:

    I sort of switched course on a best/worst format after seeing the sheer volume of negative stuff come out in the last few days. I guess I always feel the need to be contrary… My weekend had some ups and downs for sure. I made some mistakes, BlogHer made some mistakes, the Hilton made some mistakes. Pretty much everything seemed just a tiny bit off. We will just have to get to know each other even better online this year, now that we have met in person.


  2. Sarah says:

    Oh my god. Those were the worst drinks ever. But that bartender was really cute, so that almost made up for it. At the very least, he (and you) made me forget about my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad travel day. and that’s something!

    We share some highlights: loved the Highline and Queerosphere was my favourite swank party (that girl was amazing).


    Amy Reply:

    Well, also just meeting YOU was a highlight. I wish that tour had done more time on the highline and less in some random lady’s house. I still haven’t uploaded my camera pictures from the tour.


  3. Tannis says:

    But you had an awesome roommate, right? Shameless self-promotion there.

    I love those pics.


    Tannis Reply:

    Wait! *I* had an awesome roommate. That’s what I should have said. Seeing your face was really great.


    Amy Reply:

    I DID have an awesome roommate. The best.


  4. The lobby bar was not good. The waiters were rude and if you didn’t have a drink in front of you they sneered – heaven forbid you should sit in one of their chairs and not pay for something. My order of club soda was met with a disdainful glance.


  5. Stacy Jill says:

    Hey! Thanks for the thumbs up on the panel! Let me know if you have any questions about the crazy amount of apps we unloaded on you all!



    Amy Reply:

    Thanks for stopping by! I loved the panel. My notes are all names of apps, but not what they do, so I still need to sort stuff out. Tons of great info!


    Stacy Jill Reply:

    :) Fantastic! :)


  6. Arnebya says:

    I never had a lobby drink but if those were the same waiters working the parties, I totally understand. By the end of the social fiesta (as I begged people who weren’t using their drink tickets to just fork ’em over DAMN), I was asking the guy to just give me the tequila straight because whatever else he was doing to it was making me have the sads.

    It was so nice to meet you (why in the absolute hell did I type meat at first?). I’m sitting here using my last hour at work reading your blog and thinking holy hell she’s in my head! And now I shall go to each I have read and tell you what I thinks. Ready?


    Amy Reply:

    I think all of the bartenders were Hilton staff and not so fabulous. I asked for gin with a splash of tonic a few times.


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