5 Random Things

1. I exercise in my pajama pants if I know they are going to go in the wash that day anyways. No point in making something else dirty. Exercise at home. I’m not jogging around the neighborhood in plaid flannel or anything. Well, also I don’t exercise in public.

2. I misspelled “carefree” on purpose to get out of the school-wide spelling bee early when I was in 3rd grade. C-A-R-E-F ::dramatic pause:: F-R-E-E Oh noes! such a careless error!

3. I know the exact moment where my fear of public speaking went from causally normally (see #2) to abject terror.

4.I recently had a book’s dedication color my opinion of the whole book. I should stop reading them.

5. Reading Helter Skelter when I was 16 convinced me that I never wanted to have kids in case I birthed a sociopath. It took almost 20 years for me to reverse this decision.  It also spawned a lifelong love of reading true crime novels. {I read it for school. We had to do a report on a significant figure in American history and I picked Charles Manson. If it hadn’t been an AP class I would have been sent to a guidance counselor for sure.}

I thought of all of these in the shower just now when I was wondering if #1 was weird or normal and thought I would share. You are welcome! Here’s a picture of Spencer. I know what you are really here for.

Last summer. That’s like two pairs of Crocs ago.

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8 Responses to “5 Random Things”

  1. OT and ET says:

    I was obsessed with true crime “reports” as a young teen and would hang at the library for hours creeping out on crime encyclopedia-type books… maybe this explains why we both have such sunshiney opinions of humanity. These days i’m too emotionally raw and ocd i can barely watch the local news without coming away with something horrific to obsess on for a few days :/


    Amy Reply:

    I really only like my true crime written and it has to be solved. I couldn’t read anything about the green river killer until they caught him.


  2. Leah says:

    I love true crime. I have wasted many a work hour at Crimelibrary.com but what I really like are ye olde tymey murder stories. I guess that comes from growing up so close to Lizzie Borden’s shizz.

    Also, someone with computery skills needs to ‘shop that Strutting Leo picture in next to Spencer. You know the one.


    Amy Reply:

    Old timey is also good as long as I can keep the players straight. I just watched something on the history channel not to long ago about Lizzie Borden. It had reenactments. I am not a fan of those.


  3. Audrey says:

    Did we go to the same high school? Same class, same assignment – I did Jeffrey Dahmer.


    Amy Reply:

    Nice! Was that a regional selection? I chose Manson because I was curious about the Beatles connection.


  4. Eileen says:

    My mom’s cousin writes true crime, but for crime that happened in the Victoria era/19th Century. It’s definitely a different take on typical crime books.



    Amy Reply:

    Cool! Thanks for telling me. I’ll check it out for sure.


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