And then I broke all my muscles

So. The weight loss thing. I promised to not to go on and on about it, but here I am doing it anyways. Oh well, that’s life and to dust of an old chestnut, this is my blog dammit. It’s also hard to write about anything when all I am doing is trying not to think about eating all the things.

The first few days haven’t gone well. I used my sister’s visit as an excuse to not stick to any sort of eating plan and to have some wine and a few cocktails. Also, my husband and I finally went out to dinner for our anniversary that was two months ago and we had an amazing, albeit not diet friendly, steakhouse dinner. And I wasn’t going to eat a salad with no dressing and plain meat on one of out semiannual dinners out. Nope. No way.

To make up for the lack of dietary control, I tried to make more of an effort on the exercise front. I purchased one of the Bob Harper GoFit Contoured Single Vinyl Coated Kettlebell that came with a dvd. I pretty much decided on this one because the reviews on amazon liked the dvd and they went 30% off at Target this week. (The link is amazon affiliate. Don’t use it. Cheaper at target.)

I did the dvd on Tuesday and thought it went ok. My legs were like jelly, but cooled down a bit and then went upstairs to shower. On the trip down the stairs afterwords, I discovered thigh muscles I didn’t even know existed in my body. Two days later, my still thighs hate me. If I recall correctly, my thighs were burning with the fire of a thousand suns after the BlogHer11 Bob Harper workout, so the only possible conclusion is that BOB. HATES. THIGHS.

I did the workout again on Thursday. Good news: my thighs didn’t hurt while I did the video. Bad news: thighs still on fire.

I’m going to get the Bob Harper: Kettlebell Sculpted Body next:

See that smug face? THIGH HATER.

I liked the kettlebell workout a ton. I’m a little worried about my form, but I figure since my back and arms aren’t hurting, I’m probably doing it mostly correctly. I might try and find a gym with a class and a free week pass or something to get some real instruction. I also might dust off Bob’s yoga warrior video that has been sitting unopened since I got home from San Diego in 2011. Fun.

I also have 30 day shred, but I can’t stand it. What are some other good workout videos? I can’t really do too dancey or too jumpy or my knee starts to hurt. Or I’ve heard that there can be some online, but I’ve never looked. Would love people to share resources in the comments.


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3 Responses to “And then I broke all my muscles”

  1. Leah says:

    I have one DVD from Jackie Warner, the chick who used to have a reality show on Bravo. I like it but I can’t recall the name off the top of my head. It’s 3 workouts broken up into core, upper body, and lower body.

    I also own a lot of Denise Austin. I can’t help myself, her complete (unaware) goofiness makes me not hate her workouts plus it’s not to dancey.


  2. nicole says:

    I’ve found some good workouts on pinterest! And I have a friend that loves Short, intense workouts. Good luck!


  3. Suzanne says:

    I bought the same one, after you recommended it, and now I’m going to buy the same Bob DVD you’re recommending, since I looked at like 50 different kettle bell DVDs on Amazon and can’t decide. I HATE Amazon reviews, because for every since “I love this! It was great!” one there is a “WORST. DVD. EVER.” one.

    My thighs are KILLING me after the short workout that came with the kettle bell and I did stroller strides today that really focused on…you guessed it. Thighs. I’m going to be so sorry when I’m dragging two kids around the fair tomorrow.

    P.S. The Warrior Yoga DVD is also awesome, but not very thigh-focused. So Bob only hates thighs SOMETIMES.


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