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I’ve been playing phone games lately at the expense of some of my other social media outlets. Sometimes it is just nice to have a break. Not that I am using my time my productively or wisely, just differently. In related news, my klout score dropped two points. I’m sure by the time I get to level 20 of tapped out, I’ll have one under 50.

What I am playing lately (these are all free or have free versions. I very rarely pay for apps):

The Simpsons Tapped Out – This is a Sims like/task based game set in the town of Springfield with Simpsons universe folks as the characters. This game is free, but you can buy premiums to either speed up game play or get extra stuff. I have been tempted, but haven’t bit the bullet. You can link up with other players and visit their towns. I’m lemonamy if anyone plays.

Gems with Friends – This is the newest addition to the Games with Friends family and it is super addictive. You match up rows of 3 or more numbered gems to blow them up and make the next higher number. Lather, rinse, repeat. To be quite honest, I don’t totally understand how the what is left on the board scoring works at the end of the game. It goes in 2 minute rounds (for three alternating turns) so it is a pretty good waiting game if you are waiting for someone to come out of a store or for an appointment, not waiting in line. Which brings my to my favorite waiting in checkout line game. {My user name for all of the games with friends games is AmyLemon}

Matching with Friends – A colored block game similar to tetris, but not really. I don’t really explain this one well. You fill a board with blocks. There are alternating turns for 10 rounds. My favorite thing to do is stack up the wild card stars and make it so both players score hundred of points every turn. I’m totally a team player, even when it is just a two person game. I’m also not particularly competitive. Shocker.

Games I also play: Words with Friends, Scramble with Friends and DrawSomething (I think I’m babybabylemon for that one), but my response time has gotten slower as my addiction to Tapped Out has grown. Sorry friends!  What should my newest addiction be? I figure I only have 2 more weeks of interest in Tapped Out, tops.


This post is not sponsored. No one is paying me to do mediocre reviews of free games. Obviously.


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8 Responses to “Game Time”

  1. Amanda says:

    Gems with friends is kinda pissing me off. My finished games are not clearing out and it’s driving me bananas. I think they really need to do a bit more work on it. I think you should be awarded coins when you finish a game like in Matching. I play lame games like Bingo and Swipeout (fruit ninja but with zombies instead of fruit).


    Amy Reply:

    I LOVE fruit ninja. Spencer and I play the two-player version on the ipad. I don’t really understand what the coins are even for. The structure of gems with friends is so arbitrary, but I love the actual game play so it is a tough call.


  2. I am waning on my addiction to Scramble with Friends and I let almost all of my Words with Friends games expire. So maybe now it’s time for Gems…


    Amy Reply:

    I played scramble so much I recognized repeated boards. It was nuts. I got it down to one or two people that I regularly play and it’s nice to just do a round or two a day.


  3. wendy says:

    Drop7! It’s similar to bejeweled (so I assume it’s similar to Gems with Friends) but more complicated. As far as I know it’s single player but it keeps asking me to post my high scores to facebook. It’s also free.


    Amy Reply:

    Oh! Laurie just told me about that one. I couldn’t remember the name. Hope you are loving Oregon!


    wendy Reply:

    just saw the pic of Spencer playing drop7! Glad we’re spreading the love.


    Amy Reply:

    He loves it, but plays it opposite style. He tries to fill up the board and gets mad when things drop.

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