Spencer’s Target Photography Adventure

The other night, Spencer and I went to Target after dinner, which is an unusual occurrence for us. We’re more day errand people, but off we went and he was a little fussy and I wanted to keep him in the cart without resorting to snacks, so I let him have my phone. I thought he would play a game or something, but he wanted to take photos.

He has a very rapid fire method of taking pictures (jabbing the button is fun, mom) and can easily take 50 at a time. I deleted most of the shots, but some were cute.

Most of them looked like this:

He took a photo of a toy story flashlight. Maybe it was a hint?

When I showed him how to tap focus, things improved.

I’ll close with my favorite. I think he has an eye for composition.

Just thought I would share some randomness. Happy Monday!

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4 Responses to “Spencer’s Target Photography Adventure”

  1. Arnebya says:

    Z gets my phone in the store too. I pray like hell he doesn’t drop it (but usually he’s gripping it so hard that’s not gonna happen). It’s funny how he is usually more rapt with the photo taking or looking at previous ones that he forgets he was first whining to watch SpiderMan.


    Amy Reply:

    I worry about dropping it too, but I have a pretty sturdy case. He’s not allowed to wave it around for sure.


  2. Leah says:

    I love toddlerography.


    Amy Reply:

    Yes, me too. Although with this batch, I had to delete a million shots of my armpit/boob due to the logistics of riding in the cart.


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