Cypher Kids Club Review

We had quite an adventure finding out Cypher Kids Club i3D interactive cards at Target. I had to ask. ASK. And the Target guy didn’t know either. We wandered around until we finally found them in the App Accessories section. I didn’t even know there was that section, even though apparently it is where I purchased Spencer’s iPad case. But, we found the cards and I let Spencer choose between Letters, Numbers or Wild Animals. Shockingly, he chose animals over his beloved numbers.

At home after our shopping, we downloaded the app and figured out the cards. I downloaded the #cypherkidsclub app on the iPad because I try and keep his apps off my phone. This presented a minor logistical problem as the cards needed to be held 12 inches beyond the device. It’s definitely an app we need to play together.

Front and Back view of cards

Card in action: tiger.

How it works: The Cypher Kids Club is an augmented reality experience and a 3D scene is played on your device when the card is read. There is some narration as well, a little description of each animal. The audio also includes sounds of the animal in the wild. The scenes are also interactive; for example, on the penguin card you can tap the penguin and make it swim.

The game might be a little advanced for Spencer, though it says 3+. He liked playing with the cards and pressing the buttons on the app, but didn’t always listen to the narration.  Once he discovered the interactive help menu he was smitten. He loves it. It says make sure your camera is clean and he responds, “it’s clean! it’s clean.” He spends a little more time with the help menu than the cards. I also worry that careless toddler hands would ruin the cards and without the cards the game would be pointless. For right now, it is a careful game, one we take down from the shelf to play and then put back away up high when we are finished, like markers or Cootie.

help screen

I think the Wild Animal Adventure Learning Cards from Cypher Entertainment would make a great gift this holiday season, especially for a kid kindergarten or older who was really in to animals or like ipad/iphone games. The cards can be purchased online and in select Target stores (in the app accessories department).

You can connect with Cypher Kids Club on facebook and/or twitter. Be sure and follow for updates!


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6 Responses to “Cypher Kids Club Review”

  1. Audrey says:

    mm. Considering our iPad screen just got cracked, I think we’ll be visiting this section for the first time when we get it fixed. Stinkin’ ugly but obviously necessary iPad covers.


  2. Lynelle says:

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  3. The animals look so neat, thanks for sharing!


  4. mercadee says:

    #CypherKidsClub Wild Animal Adventures Learning Cards allow us to interact with wild animals throughout our house! This parrot is sitting on my kitchen counter! These cards are a great way to teach kids about augmented reality too.


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