Just Finished: Skinny Rules

I hesitated about whether to even post a piece on Bob Harper’s The Skinny Rules, but I did just finish it and I have some thoughts. I feel like this book essentially just states the obvious. Drink water ! Don’t eat fries! That said, there is something completing and convincing about it. I finished the book and was thinking “Yes! I can do this!” instead of rolling my eyes.

The enjoyability of this books rests on the charm of Bob Harper (and his writer). When I did the workout with him at BlogHer 11, I witnessed this charm first hand. He can make you do squats like you didn’t think possible. And enjoy it! (I don’t watch Biggest Loser so this might be stating the obvious for those that do).

The Skinny Rules presents reasonable nutritional advice and dietary guidelines. Nothing seems insurmountable.  The rules are a lot to take in when combined, but it mostly boiled down to fruits, veggies and lean protein; lots of water (upon waking and before every meal is key); no processed food; no white flour; no potatoes. It’s nice that alcohol is allowed, but only when maintaining after loss.

For the whole set of the rules, get the book. You could also read the amazon reviews (quite thorough!) or just the table of contents, but I think there is value in the chapter text. The rationale behind each rule is spelled out in detail, plus there are sections with menu plans, recipes and tools for success.

Verdict: I would love to say I lost a million pounds and Bob Harper’s The Skinny Rules is the best diet book ever, but I just read it last week. Having read a lot of diet books, I would recommend this one . It’s logical, seems to be grounded with some nutrition science* and Bob Harper is charming and I’ve been brainwashed.

*I am not a nutritionist or dietician. I’ve just read a lot of diet articles in magazines/books. If you need actual solid dietary advice, please consult a physician or dietician.

Disclosure: This post may contain Amazon affiliate links, but honestly I’m not sure. I thought they ended it in California, but they didn’t close my account. Of course that could be because I’ve yet to make $5 through them.

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  1. Trish says:

    Good & similar rules I’ve read through other weight loss stuff but still loved the book & work a lot of the rules with my current weight loss. -32 pounds mainly on Weight Watchers but I also account various other sources to being motivated on my weight loss journey.


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