So, this one time I had cockroaches

This post is sponsored, I’m just going to tell you a disgusting, disgusting story. It is totally worth it.

I was living in a small college town and had no money and lived in the absolute crappiest apartment complex in the entire town, basically the one building (that I was proud to call home!) made up the entire city’s slum. At first, it was just a roach here and there. I would find them in the bathroom if I stumbled in late at night. And then it got worse.

I put on a long dress one day and looked down and had to flick a roach off my thigh. I grabbed my towel getting out of the shower and a roach flew out. The kitchen became a war zone. I kept all of the food in the fridge, all of it. I even kept it in zip-top bags in the fridge. I bleached, I scrubbed. I cried. The apartment was dingy, old and run down and I kept it clean, but there were always roaches after I cooked. It was beyond disgusting. And then it got worse.

One day, I preheated the oven and happen to stay in the kitchen while it was heating up. I saw a roach scurry across the stove. The front display panel of the ancient oven was broken, and I saw a roach crawl out of the hole in the glass panel and then another crawled out, and another and another. And then a teeming mass of roaches poured out, from the panel, from beneath and from the sides. I held my breath, turned off the oven and literally ran crying from my apartment.

I didn’t sleep there that night. Then I called my dad and cried. This is just one of those situations where calling your dad is just what you do. I called the land landlord and they gave roach motels and I bought dozens more. The problem resolved itself, mostly. And then I moved out when my lease was up. Not the best solution, but I was broke. I had nightmares about the roaches for years. Thankfully, it’s never been an issue anywhere else I’ve lived. If it did, I would not be able to dial an exterminator fast enough. All roaches can just DIE.

German Cockroach

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8 Responses to “So, this one time I had cockroaches”

  1. Audrey says:

    I’m pretty sure the oven story is going to give me nightmares. Holy crap. In our crappy Baltimore apartment..which didn’t seem crappy UNTIL.. we had a major mouse problem. I found, no lie, 13 mouse holes or holes in the wall where pipes passed through that were obvious points of entry. I plugged them all. Because our maintenance man was a moron and thought shoving steel wool in a hole was going to keep them from just pushing it out. SO I had Ev screw metal lathe over the hole and then plastered over them. I killed 24 mice in that apartment before we finally saw no more. And that is my pest nightmare.


  2. Audrey says:

    And by Ev I meant Chris. *facepalm*


    Amy Reply:

    I just thought you trained your kids to be mice fighters very early!


  3. Mommy Boots says:

    Ugh. I’ve had roaches and thanks to the upstairs neighbors in our current apartment complex moving out last month, have seen a few here and there. Luckily the problem isn’t bad and it seems to just have been a result of them scurrying away from the neighbors we’ve still put out little traps and have been trying to stay on top of the clutter. SO GROSS.


    Amy Reply:

    I’m glad it is just a few. Roaches are yuck.


  4. We had a few roaches in South Carolina (although we called them Palmetto Bugs because that sounds classier!) but our worst infestation was the mice in our adorable little orchard house. When I turned on the stove they’d come scurrying out from underneath and sit right in the middle of the floor just looking at me. Eventually the combination of cats and traps scared most of them away but that house was NEVER going to be mouse-free. One of the main reasons we left.


    Amy Reply:

    I don’t think I ever knew that palmetto bugs were just roaches of the genteel southern variety. I couldn’t deal with mice/rats/rodents of any kind. Even rats in our trees outside creeps me out.


  5. Ants Control says:

    By reading am feeling this is same as my story mate. Thinking to hire good pest controllers.


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