Emergency Preparedness and Zippo Fire Starter Review

Did you know that September was Emergency Preparedness Month? Did you know that it was no longer September? No matter. Every single month should be Emergency Preparedness Month. After all, can you ever really be completely prepared? I don’t think so. Saying you are is just asking for trouble.

When I worked at the hospital, I secretly loved the drills: disaster drills, fire drills, stolen baby drills (my personal favorite).  One of the major things I learned was that you need to rotate your supplies. That used to be my job with a work friend*. Every August we would check and rotate the things in the disaster closet so when the administrators did the “surprise” check every September, lo and behold, everything was stocked. Everyone should work a job with a disaster closet (even better – multiple!) once in their life.

My husband, as a first responder, also has a disaster supply rule: check things that you might need in an emergency and make sure they work before you are in the actual emergency. He is a smart man. He is also the reason I am reviewing the Zippo Outdoor Line Fire Starter, he’d been wanting to check one out and boom just like that, the opportunity arose. It was fate. Plus, it is Made in the USA which we are always on the lookout for.

The Zippo Fire Starter comes in a water resistant case with waxed tinder sticks and can be used to start fires in an emergency. The tinder sticks are also water resistant which means this would be perfect for land or water emergencies, except for the whole burning down your life raft part. This product would be great for a home or work disaster kit, car kits and a vital part of any camping or backpacking kit. It is super lightweight and perfect for keeping in a pocket on just a day hike, too.

As we had no hiking trips or disasters during the review period, we put the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter to the test lighting our barbeque. It created fire and passed muster with my husband. He liked that it lit easily and kept the tinder stick lit for quite a long time, even though a gust of wind blew through during the trial. The bright orange case with a flip-top lid mimics the classic Zippo style and is easy to use.

Zippo Fire Starter

Spencer’s favorite color orange. We have to keep it high in a cupboard.

Zippo Fire Starter

Spread the cotton

Zippo Fire Starter

Hold the tinder stick to the flint and strike

Zippo Fire Starter


Signal Fire!

I received the kit which included the Zippo Fire Starter (comes with 4 tinder sticks), an 8 tinder stick replacement back and an informative disaster resource guide. This would make a fantastic stocking stuffer and comes at a great price point ($10!). We are already trying to figure out who needs on of these as a gift.

Disclosure: I received a Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit for review. I was not otherwise compensated.

*You know what is super weird? I started this review last night and wrote the part through where I talked about working at the hospital. Today at Target, I ran in to this very work friend who I hadn’t seen since 2009. Crazy. I have also had the Prodigy Firestarter song stuck in my head for three days.

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6 Responses to “Emergency Preparedness and Zippo Fire Starter Review”

  1. Krystal says:

    This is an awesome idea and its great to know that such a product not only exists, but is offered by a reputable company like Zippo. We have been working on a disaster kit, and I’ll be tracking this down to add to it. Thanks for the info’


  2. Veronica says:

    I love their products. We’ve owned a ton of their lighters. They last forever (we lose them a lot but still) and are great quality. This *is* a cool stocking stuffer and one of those things everyone should have in the house and glove box. You never know AND I’m picking one up. Thanks.


  3. Vivien says:

    This is an awesome idea! We live in FL now, so we really need to be prepared. And I love anything made in the US! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Great idea! Would have loved this when we didn’t have power for a week last year!


  5. This seems easy enough for even ME to use and I once singed off half my eyebrows lighting the grill. So, go Zippo!!


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