All that glitters

I usually wait until December 1st to do any holiday decorating. I think that’s because my mom always waited until after my sister’s birthday on November 28th to decorate and I just kept up the habit. This year it has been so hard to wait. Everyone started putting up instagrams of their freshly decorated trees and I started feeling twinges, like a mix of jealously and a very festive rage. I’m still waiting until Saturday to do my tree, but I started decorating a bit with my shelf-mirror that I like to pretend is a mantle.

I always start out thinking my theme for Christmas is going to be minimalist chic or retro panache, but I always end up with GLITTER BALLS!!! as a theme. I can’t help it. I am a fan of the Christmas sparkle. See also: disco tree.

It think it turned out mostly cute. I’m getting a new frame when we update the Santa photo (that’s last year’s sullen boy on lap on display) and I met my glitter ball quota for the mantle. I love my little glitter tree. That’s cardboard! It came together in about 5 minutes and it is much sparklier than it photographs.

So. Here’s the thing. I’ve been thinking for a long time how cute it would be to decorate the edge of the mirror with ribbon. And it looks mostly cute. But it is lumpy. I used tape because I need to take it off without damaging the mirror. I know you guys are a crafty bunch. Any ideas on how to make the ribbon look better? The only other idea I have is gluing the ribbon to a piece of poster board or cardboard and wedging it in there.

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2 Responses to “All that glitters”

  1. Brigid Keely says:

    Double sided sticky tape for the ribbon?

    You know what’d look super cute on the edge of the shelf? Paper garland. My mom has two lengths, one of santa claus and one of snowmen. They are like tee tiny paper dolls, about the size of the first joint of a thumb. I looked on google images but didn’t see anything similar, BUT, I did see shiny paper rounds glued to string that looked festive and glittery.

    We DO have a mantle, It’s covered in books, toys that are in time out, and electrical cords. HELLO THERE HOT MESS.


  2. […] shelf got finished off with Spite Angel and a new frame. I love the striped frame with the branch ribbon […]

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