Clean all the things! Again.

It is sort of embarrassing how often I have posted some grand plan to fix/organize/clean/make wonderful my life/house/blog/beauty routine on this blog. It’s sort of like the people who watch a movie, announce their veganism and then are tweeting about burgers in a few short weeks. I have a book coming that may be my salvation (I hope). In the meantime, I’m going to clean one extra thing every day until the end of the year. I made a list of 10 tasks so far. I’ll be adding to the list next week. I have high hopes. I mean it this time. My hopes are HIGH.

Maybe the background of my photos can stop looking like this:

Or this:

Note the cropping to attempt to hide the mess on the bookcase. (Also any excuse to post this photo. I love doughnut face).

Sigh. Someday my house will be organized and awesome. Maybe I’ll win the lottery and can hire a Carson to get my house in shape like Downton Abbey…

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5 Responses to “Clean all the things! Again.”

  1. Cole says:

    I’m pretty sure Mommy has given up on our house – it is a MESS. It probably would be just easier to move…


  2. Brigid Keely says:

    Do you read unfuck your habitat? You might find it helpful, if you don’t. There’s also a community on dreamwidth called “bitsizedcleaning” which is similar in the “breaking it down into small bits” aspect.


    Amy Reply:

    I read unfuck your habitat at some point. I think it overwhelmed me, but I’m going to go look again. Thanks for the reminder and I’ll check out the others, too!


  3. Suzanne says:

    I have SUCH big plans at least once a week to clean and organize all the things…and then I get half way through, shove the mess in a closet and give up. I think Christmas is going to FORCE me into getting rid of some stuff. I put a lamp out front last night with a “free” sign on it and it’s gone today. 1 DOWN, 4000000000 TO GO!


  4. Eileen says:

    Oh, we mostly did this this weekend. It was overwhelming, and there are approximately 10 bazillion weekends left to keep doing this before it is done. We have decidedly less paperwork/junk than when we started, and the clutter is OUT of the main areas of the house, and more importantly OUT of my bedroom. There is some in the guest room, but not so much you can’t get to the guest bed.

    On the plus side my room has never been so decluttered (just don’t open the closet, although operation do all the laundry is in full effect).

    It’s hard yo.


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