Fall Toddler Craft – Leaf Wreath!

Spencer came home from school with a bag of leaves from school that the kids each collected while learning about the seasons. He was super excited. I live in Southern California, so take our leaves with a grain of salt. In all seriousness, he held out the bag and said, “I think we need to glue a craft.” How can I resist that?

Recently, Target had twig wreaths in the dollar section so I grabbed this one. I had some plans for it, but sometimes plans change. One thing I learned from my mom about making crafts with kids is that if you do the craft with the kid, it is their project (when really young). Having too many expectations of perfection or a clear vision leads to heartache and tears all around. If I have a specific end result in mind, I do the craft alone.

We had a twig wreath and leaves. Now all we needed was glue. I briefly considered spray adhesive (because I am INSANE) but we used white glue. Spencer was in charge of the glue. He glued all over. The wreath. The leaves. The table. The Spencer. It’s all good, white glue cleans up great. I let it dry in the garage, the only place safe from grabby hands, added some ribbon of his choosing and then we had a wreath. The only bummer is that it probably isn’t sturdy enough for the front door. It hangs in the kitchen and Spencer points it out all the time. “That’s my wreath,” he says.




Supplies: twig wreath form, leaves, glue, ribbon

  • Step 1: Glue
  • Step 2: More Glue
  • Step 3: More glue than you thought humanly possible
  • Step 4: Stick leaves to wreath
  • Step 5: Let dry
  • Step 6: Let toddler help you tie the ribbon
  • Step: 7: Hang on wall and enjoy
  • Step 8: Pointlessly post on blog

 I dare you.

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4 Responses to “Fall Toddler Craft – Leaf Wreath!”

  1. Audrey says:

    Super cute! We just glue leaves on construction paper over here.


  2. Suzanne says:

    Why didn’t my Target have wreaths in the dollar section?! You are very brave for letting Spencer glue. I can barely stand to let my kids LOOK at glue without shuddering.


  3. Ann G-B says:

    A boy and some glue! Love it!


  4. Evette Cuadros says:

    Are only those with kids allowed in the Family Room? I love Star Wars crafts (Rotta the Huttlet sounds so cute!) and would love to be apart of a drawing class with Katie.


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