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If people going in to Reflected in You expecting 50 Shades of Grey, they will and won’t be disappointed. Reflected In You is the second book in the Crossfire series, the first is Bared to You. I’m going to treat them as a unit so as to not spoil it for people who This book is heavy on the sex and lacking in the bondage, so it all depends on what floats your boat or rocks your van or whatever. In addition to the abundance of sexy times, the plot is remarkable similar too.

Girl meets super rich and powerful man, there is a whirlwind romance, lots of sex, and then something gets in the way. SHOCKER. The notable differences between Reflected in You and 50 Shades is the female protagonist. In this one, instead of a sheltered fresh faced straight out of college virgin, we have a wordly fresh faced straight out of college via rehab socialite. So different, you guys.

Well, to be fair, the writing is a bit better in Reflected In You and the sex is tamer, but there might be more of it. I wish I had kept count from the beginning how many times fist was used as a verb. It was used in the context of grabbing hair, never the sex act, but it made me laugh every single time.

I’m not sure where this falls on the would I recommend it. For people who like voluminous, but fairly vanilla sex – sure. Having sex in the back of a moving car is considered racy. For a lover of kinky erotica? Probably not. I think this one comes down to an “I recommend it if you can get it for free” sort of feeling. I read the first two books in the series. If you like the first, you will like the second and the reverse holds true.

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