On Endings and Showers and Things*

All of this thanks business this month just makes me think of things I am not thankful for. In fact, I totally would have done #30daysofsarcasam in response to #30daysofthanks if I had only thought of it before the 3rd of November. Curses! ::shakes fists at sky:: (I really need a gif for that)

You know what I am certainly not thankful for? Movies/books/plays/TV shows/whatever that use the cop out wake up and it is all a dream ending/solution. Hate it. HATE. IT. I would happily support censorship if it meant this sort of ending could be outlawed. Did it happen in classic¬†literature¬† For soapy TV stuff, I blame Dallas and Bobby Ewing. He’s dead! Not he isn’t, just in the shower. LOL. HA HA. Jokes on you the viewer.

I hate it so, so much because it means all of time spent reading was a waste or pointless. Why even write the book if it was all a dream? Or just admit that it is a book about a really cool dream from the beginning. The worst part is that you can’t even tell people that this is why you hated a book without ruining it for them if they haven’t read it already. I guess I could just ruin it. Hey. Have you read Blah Blah? No? Don’t bother it is all a dream.

My one exception to this might be Alice in Wonderland. Her dream is awesome enough that it isn’t really that annoying. The Wizard of Oz on the other hand… You were there! And you! And you! ::sigh::

People would love me. Even more than they already do. Heh. Like that is possible.**



*Whoa. Dirty post title is dirty.

**No. I am not drunk, why do you ask?

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3 Responses to “On Endings and Showers and Things*”

  1. Audrey says:

    30 Days of Sarcasm definitely needs to be a thing next year.


  2. Brigid Keely says:

    30 days of sarcasm is awesome and I will join in next year.

    “it was all a dream” can be done well IF there are either clues that the all-a-dream happenings is a dream (there’s illogical stuff going on, or unclear stuff) ~or~ if the dreamer wakes up and stuff from the dream intrudes on waking life. But WOAH HAY PLOT TWIST WAS JUST A DREAM HURR HURR is lazy writing.


    Amy Reply:

    Exactly. I think that’s why Alice doesn’t bug me. I was feeling too ranty about a book turned movie but didn’t want to spoil it for the world. I loved the book. Loved it. And then it was all a dream. I literally threw the book at a wall when I finished.


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