Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Spencer is a chatterbox. All day long he has things to say, very important things to say. He pontificates on sticky launchers and lasers, animals and their noises, numbers, letters, random Spanish words and he talks about himself in the third person. Well, mostly his robot ray persona talks about himself in the third person, but occasionally it bleeds over to Spencer, too.

Unless he is talking TO me, I mostly tune out the chatter. This holds true especially in the car. When I am driving he mostly chit chats to a toy or sings some songs with the occasional announcement of what we are driving past: bookstore! kitty store! (He calls a cat hospital/boarding facility the kitty store because it has a big cat picture in the window. He will not be corrected.) Target! Other Target! Recently, this all changed.

My husband has been pointing out road signs when we drive for a long and Spencer was vaguely interested, mostly in stop light colors and cross walk blinking hands (Why is the hand always red, mama? Why is it red? Why is the hand red? Almost always in threes). But now something shifted and he wants to know all the signs all the time.

Why is there a tippy line and a straight line? (merging lanes)

Why is there a no trucks sign? (weight limit)

Why is there mixy arrows? (two way traffic)

Why no walking? (no ped traffic)

What is the wrong way red triangle? (yield)

It never stops. Well, unless he falls asleep in the car and the he still mutters about arrows and signals and blinky things.

Also, he has an unholy obsession with the red slash circle no signs. I think those started with the ones on the Target elevators and spread to all of them. He got out of a bounce house to look at the restrictions. He got out of a bounce house. That is insane and unheard of. It is working well as an emergency distraction tool, so I guess I’m not too mad. It was great in the aquarium when we needed to kill a minute and wait for a hands on spot to open up.

I’m curious what will replace the sign fascination. What do other kids chatter about?



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5 Responses to “Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs”

  1. Eileen says:

    This is so familiar! Bronwyn is fascinated by stop signs and the colors of the stoplights and what they mean. Here are some excerpts:

    Green means go, Red means stop, Yellow means SLOOOOOOWWWW DOWN. There’s a stop sign, I wanna see another stop sign mom. Where is it, there’s another one! Stop sign!!!! Oh a bridge. Is it a troll bridge? I wanna go over the bridge. I wanna go over ANOTHER bridge. Tunnel!!!! (we have bridges and tunnels in town because of all of the train tracks) Let’s go in another tunnel, it’s so dark. Train! Choo, choo, chugga. Stop sign! Red sign. I want the red sign mom, where is another one. Oh it’s a fire truck (basically any truck is a fire truck). Oh a school bus, I wanna go to school mom. Where’s another school bus, I wanna see another school bus. RED SIGN!

    This is non-stop incessant chatter in the car. It started a few months ago when we turned her car seat forward. The only time it stops is if she’s screaming for me to to play Call Me Maybe and singing along at the top of her lungs.


    Amy Reply:

    Spencer asked about the photo enforcement signs this morning, so now he yells cheese and smiles for those intersections. Toddlers are insane.


  2. Suzanne says:

    Evan mostly chatters about booby traps. I blame Jake and his Neverland Pirates. We just returned a book of road signs for every letter of the alphabet to the library – you should see if you can find it for Spencer!


    Amy Reply:

    Spencer doesn’t really like Jake, but he likes this Bucky toy at Target. I left it on the other day after Mickey and he watched it. When he finished he made the shockingly astute (for 3) observation that J&tNP was “boy Dora pirate show with pirateman swiper.” I will totally look for that book – sounds awesome.


  3. Audrey says:

    Everett is pretty much nonstop about monsters and nightmares.


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