Sporty Spence

My sister and I played a lot of sports and games growing up, not competitively, but home sports. My dad loved sports. Playing sports, watching sports especially college football and the Lakers. Something was always on tv. We played lots of football, baseball, badminton and just playing around in the yard. My dad loved to explain the finer points of a game while watching it and having us fetch him beers.

All of his sports brainwashing didn’t stick. Later on, I did track & field in high school. (LIES. Just field). My husband ran track. But now, we watch the Olympics and that is about it when it comes to sports on tv in our home. Mostly my husband and I just get annoyed when sporting events preempt Jeopardy or the Simpsons.

Yesterday when I was turning on the tv, I changed the channel to 11 while it was warming up. I like to do that when I don’t know if I left it on Nick Jr and want to check the programming guide before Spencer demands whatever horrible thing is on the air live.  ::cough maxandruby cough::  Spencer saw the channel and said “not channel 11. BASEBALL might be on. UGH!”

Channel 11 is Fox for us, so I imagine we said this a time or two during the world series. I laughed hysterically, but when I finished and caught my breath I wondered if we might be doing him a disservice. I mean, we OWN balls. Soccer, basketball and maybe a football. He has a tee ball thingy. He mostly likes to swing the bat at chairs so the next famous JeterPerson he is not.

I will not deny him sports; I just don’t know when to start with the sporty things. Will he ask? Is it too late? Should I tell him what these things are or let him figure it out in school? He might have some genetic sportiness, afterall. My dad played high school football, some of my cousins played basketball for Purdue (I think), my husband’s dad was a competitive diver. I’m pretty sure Spencer is going to be off the quite tall variety, medium coordination so far, sporty skills unknown.

Classes don’t really start until age 5 around here. Is that good enough? IT IS ALREADY TOO LATE FOR HIM TO BE THE NEXT TIGER WOODS. Maybe I can ship him off to his much sportier Uncle Scott for a week every summer. Who has sporty kids? Not everyone, I hope. Please tell me I’m not alone in my confusion.

He would take gold in competitive swinging.


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6 Responses to “Sporty Spence”

  1. Audrey says:

    Ev is not particularly athletic and most of the sports camps around here start at 4 or 5 so we might get him into something this summer. Maybe. But he starts gymnastics tomorrow, which I see as the gateway drug to other things. lol


  2. Leah says:

    You still have plenty of time. We only started C with the karate to redirect his punching tendencies and are only doing the hockey now because, well, Canadians.

    And he’s not wrong, watching baseball is boring unless you care about the teams.


  3. Jen says:

    A lot of the sporty kid things around here (New England) start at 4 or 5. We have had M in swimming lessons since he was 9 months old, but that’s mostly for safety reasons. We have also considered gymnastics for both boys so that they stop jumping off the furniture.
    My husband IS super-sporty and he is looking forward to the days when we can spend our free time at some field or another eating cold hot dogs in all types of weather. I’m okay with waiting a few more years.


    Amy Reply:

    I’ve been debating gymnastics for the same reason, but I am worried that it will make him jump off of the furniture more!


  4. Eileen says:

    We’ve done swimming and dance on short term classes and we now do gymnastics every week since July. It’s been GREAT for B. She knows she gets to jump in gymnastics weekly and so I can convince her to stop jumping on the sofa/bed etc because of the trampoline time.


  5. Brigid Keely says:

    My husband and I are both sports deficient and in FACT my high school gym teacher made me sit out of a bunch of stuff because my face is a ball magnet and I kept getting slammed in the face (and breaking my glasses). When I tell this story, my friends nod sadly, assuming I was bullied and other students (girls) in the class were aiming for my face. THEY WERE NOT. The were all sporty enough to play volleyball competently, which includes, apparently, punching the ball away from your face and not whipping your head right into it because you have no idea about spatial distances WRT balls flying at your face.

    That being said, my husband’s family is Eastern European so Soccer is a big thing and I imagine we’ll sign Niko up for that with a Park program, and his tetka (aunt) has offered to teach him to swim next summer. I think he’d enjoy gymnastics or some sort of martial arts, too. And Folk Dance looms large in his future.


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